Best speakers for 100 home theater?

If you had to pick one speaker brand for use in a 100% dedicated home theater enviroment-what would it be? Lets keep the price range at no more than $5000.00 per speaker.
My selection would be the system I was using until recently.

The B&W THX system, which consists of 2 passive subs, the PCS-8s, 12" drivers, same as used in their 801's. The LCRs that sit on top, the FCM-8's, 3 of these. I actually use 3 Fosgate THX certified LCR's (far better than the FCM-8's) and still match VERY closely to the surrounds, the THX SCM-8s. A great set, tremendous thump, impact, and great sound dispersion. The Fosgate LCRs weigh about 45lbs EACH and deliver wonderful dynamics! The system, which probably listed for somewhere in the (PCS-8s, $1,500 each, the SCM-8's, $1,500 per pair, and the Fosgates at $1,400 each) $8,700 will now sell for about $3,100! This, for home theater is VERY tough to beat.

For what it is worth, I am selling these because I have gone to a complete (I have since upgraded to)-Another possible alternative.

Aerial (10Ts, CC-5, SR-3, and a pair of the SW-12s) speakers.

Within your price constraints, I would urge you to consider HT speaker sets by Martin Logan and Thiel. Both are well regarded high end manufacturers who have had a chance to develop speakers for HT. I heard the Martin Logans at the Stereophile show in NY and they sounded good, even though I wasn't really impressed by the surround sound effect. Thiel has done a great job of designing speakers specifically for HT. I'll bet both manufacturers can field systems that sound better than the powered M&K speakers.