Best Speakers for 10' x 12' room?

I am putting together a new system for my upstairs office where I do most of my listening and moving the current system downstairs and would love help finding the best speakers.

I have been listening to the B & W 805D with a REL 238 sub & stands, and the Wilson Audio Duette (under 9K for demo model with stands). I wonder about auditioning the Duette 2's, which people say are better, but they are 10K more.
I am also open to other possibilities as well.

I would love to hear people's experiences with any of these speakers or others that work well in a small room. In most ways I like the Duette's a great deal more, but the 805D's were warmer and I am wondering if that is because they were played on Mcintosh equipment. I think of trying the Wilson Audio Duette's with the McInosh amp/pre-amp - Any feedback is appreciated.

Third Joseph Audio Pulsar. Just spectacular.
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ProAc 1SC's"

I was going to recommend those also but I didn't think they were expensive enough.
I have used a 10x12 room as my main analog listening room for years. My primary recommendation - treat the room first!

It's a simple fact - a room of this size os going to challenge you for optimal audio reproduction. You can minimize (but not eliminate) these problems by treating room. IMO this is more important than your choice of speakers or other gear.

Depending on your physical limitations (doors & windows, furniture, seating position and speaker placement limitations) and what type of music you most typically listen to will also determine the right speakers for your room.

Good luck
Br3098 gives good advice. Treat the room first. After that, I think you must expect to sit in the nearfield and design around that. I happen to like my SF GH's in a room of similar size, although I do augment them with a REL T5 sub.