Best Speakers for 10' x 12' room?

I am putting together a new system for my upstairs office where I do most of my listening and moving the current system downstairs and would love help finding the best speakers.

I have been listening to the B & W 805D with a REL 238 sub & stands, and the Wilson Audio Duette (under 9K for demo model with stands). I wonder about auditioning the Duette 2's, which people say are better, but they are 10K more.
I am also open to other possibilities as well.

I would love to hear people's experiences with any of these speakers or others that work well in a small room. In most ways I like the Duette's a great deal more, but the 805D's were warmer and I am wondering if that is because they were played on Mcintosh equipment. I think of trying the Wilson Audio Duette's with the McInosh amp/pre-amp - Any feedback is appreciated.

I have a pair of Cub's that work very well in a small room. I can't imagine someone picking the 805d's over them. To be fair, though, I don't like B&W speakers. Also, I don't think the Duette's are worth the money.

Another speaker you may like, if you can find a pair, is the ProAc futures series. If I remember correctly, there were 2 different models. I auditioned the bigger of the 2. Great speakers. They're small floor standers and will work very well in a small room.

You must here the new Jantzen 2.1. They are absolutely amazing and will kill a pair of Duette 2 as well as the Dynadio, they are very compact floor standers, I am listening to them in a slightly larger room and they sound fantatic.

They have a remarkable combination of virtues, they are insanely transparent, I have heard details in music that I swear I didn't hear before, the ESL driver that Jantzen uses is incredibly light weight and is driven evenly across its surface, so you have the speed of a ribbon without any of the hardness that a ribbon drive can sometimes have, they are very coherent, they work in small as well as large rooms, they are easy to drive, and have great bass.

Unlike every other ESL they are not a diapole so they can work in any room.

They have adjustable midrange, adjustable treble and a bass boost or cut so they are very tunable.

I just got a pair and I have to pick my jaw off the floor, they are so good, that a reviewer bought a pair and his two friends both bought pairs.

Many people don't remember Jantzen, Arthur Jantzen built the worlds first electrostatic speaker in 1954 predating all others including Peter Walker.

The Jantzen panel was so legendary that David Wilson used Jantzen panels in his legendary W.A.M.M speakers that at the time were the world's most expensive speakers when they came out in the late 80s.

and at their introductory price they are $7,500.00 now and will be going up to $8,900.00 in a few months, make them one hell of a buy.
I have had my Dynaudio's for over 12 years and they are still rock solid as the day I first set them up. Go with the Dyn's if you plan on keeping them for a long time. Obtw ,they love Power! If your into that sort of thing.I have also heard many great things about ESL's. It really comes down to what amps your using and what music you like to play. I am biased towards Dynaudio because thats what I have.
I have a small room also and am currently using vapor audio cirrus with great success. Other speakers that have also worked well in my room were fritz, coincident, and audience. Kef ls50 sounded very good at dealer and show but haven't tried in my room