Best speakers ever 4 small room?

I realized my room is too small for the many best in the world speakers. Are any of the following or those of the same caliber designed or comfortable in a room with dimensions of 11' x 15' with a ceiling of 8'-6".
Talking about Avalon, Avantgarde, MBL, Kharma, Dynaudio, Soundlabs, Wisdom, Magico, Genesis, Revels, Pipedreams, Wilson, Piegas, Apogees, Legacy, Dunlavy, Rockport, Quads, JM Labs ---- caliber of speakers.
I am looking for a speaker that is absolutely gorgeous in sound and stands out from the rest.
The room can be heavily damped and willing to change my electronics.
My fav's so far: MBL's 116, Then these all fall in second: Piega c10, Dynaudio c4, Kharma's, JM Labs diva, avantgarde duo's.
I listen to orchestral music and opera on vinyl, but also all genre's and would like to have a wide full sounding presentation with subtle natural sounding bass that's deep and accurate and projects depth.
Wouldn't mind so much a 4 cabinet system or satellite and sub set up. thanks
Depending upon your placement, the best I've heard without spending $10,000.00 (literally) for speakers, are the classic Snell E II or Snell J II. Absolutely awesome and can be found for cheap. I use both the E II and J II and am totally happy with them, now for 21 years and going strong. I'm using a Yamaha (1997) P1600 power amp and running my music through my HP Pavilion m8100n (I keep all my music on hard disk). I also use a Soundblaster Xtreme Music HiFi card in the PC. For all practical purposes, you won't find a better set up, dollar for dollar, than what I have going. But music and speakers are like food: some love this, some love that, some love everything, some love nothing. Find what YOU like and hold onto it. Reputation and cost mean nothing if you aren't happy with them/it. Cheers, Brad
For small rooms The Unifield 3 by Von Schweikert is awsome. I just had a listening session and was very impressed. I will be posting soon on what I heard. In your situation they would be well worth checking out. There was a recent thread about the VS unifield 3 you might want to check out the owners responses.

Blessings, Bob
Keep it simple then. Get the MBL's, make sure associated equip is up to par, add a Rives Audio PARC (fix inevitable room bass modes, for "non-boomy" system sound), some well placed diffusors/bass traps in the corner - use all of this with the "long wall" setup for best sound and imaging. And you'll be tickled pink with the sound you get!
good luck