best Speakers Cables for Magnepan 3.6R ?

Please help me for choose best speakers cables for my MG3.6R...
my amp is Class.A PLINIUS SA250 and i have soon Synergistic Research Signature n°2.
Does i try SR Resolution Reference or others?
Audioquest, Nordost...?
Thanks in advance for answer.
I have tried about a dozen...Which isn't that many these days, seems everybody is making cables. Best that I've heard with Maggie's is Cardas Golden Reference (especially with a nice sounding SS amp like the Plinius).

Good Luck!
I have had great luck with Jena Labs cables with my 3.6's. If your system is absolutely SOTA and your speakers have been hot-rodded, you may want to also consider the Nordost Valhalla.
The Cardas Neutral Reference have sounded good as have silver cables. Jallen
I used Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun with great results.
Silver is loved by Magnepans as long as they are designed correctly riffing them of the glare and sterile signature often associated with Ag.

I have a few repeat customers that use maggies.

Good luck!
The so-called "best" is very subjective and depends on component synergy, room, etc. I am using the Analysis Plus Oval 8 speaker cables with excellent results with my MG 3.5. In my system these cables provide the high current delivery required by maggies. These cables allow my system to be transparent, coherent with a "full" midrange balance and a huge soundstage. Treble is also extended and sweet with powerful bass. I have experimented with some mega$$$ cables, and I find that the Analysis Plus Oval 8 provides a level of performance comparable to the Transparent Ref with XL (with better top end to boot) and some other very expensive cables.
Best thanks at all.
I buy single run AUDIENCE AU24 8ft and he sound more truly than biwire AU24...
ELF Acoustics Silver Signatures,I have the 3.6's too.Silver is really good with them and the SIlver Signatures are the best cable I used with them.They are pretty affordable and use some nice WBT connectors.

Audience Au24 is what I use and is the best of the cables I have tried. Agreed, single run is better than bi-wire.
I would try Tara Labs The one or The two if price is no problem.
I have hot-rodded Magnepan 1.6QR's and have had excellent results with Tara Labs Air 2 speaker cables. I would love to have a pair of The One's, or even The 2's. :o)
Virtual Dynamics are worth checking out. I've had maybe 10 or 12 sets of wire in my system and the VD NiteII's leave everything else's just my opinion.