Im curious what you guys recommend for speakers at a reasonable price. floor standing and center.      cheaper kef, svs, klipsch, what?         i was looking at them three     not looking to spend a ton but dont want to go super cheap.     can someone give me some recomendations for midddle priced speakers.  dont want to spend over 2500 for 2 floor standing id say       let me know your thoughts please.        going to use a svs subwoofer and FOR NOW onkyo tx-nr809 receiver      HELP PLEASE       THANK YOU 
Paradigm speakers at any price level blow the doors off anything else in the same price range including their subs.
$2499 will buy you a pair of the already-mentioned Eminent Technology LFT-8b, and unlike the somewhat similar Magneplanar LRS, .7i, and 1.7i (all being magnetic-planars), which are a 4 ohm load and require a considerably stout power amp, the LFT-8b is an easy 8 ohm load (better for tubes) and requires less power. The Maggies are cheap, but their power amp requirements raises the cost of ownership.
There is a used pair of Focal Aria 936 speakers listed currently on Audiogon ( not by me) asking $2,100. I own both the Focal Electra 1028be and the Focal Chorus 836v in a second system. Very happy with both. Many rave about the Aria line and the 936 in particular. Pretty efficient/ easy to drive and very musical. 
I also agree with the recommendation to get a good integrated amp. Many can be had used on Audiogon that can meet your needs for under $1,000, including a Marantz PM-8006 for $899 that will easily drive the Focals, has a pre out for your sub (may not need with Focals for music) and has a built in phono stage if you want  to add vinyl. I have purchased over a dozen items used on Audiogon and have been pleased with every purchase experience.

the Marantz, the Focals and a Bluesound Node would be quite a nice system.   
I strongly second the  Magnepan 1.7i.  If you have a lot of power and add a REL sub the sound will be hard to beat.