Best speakers around $130k?



For that money you could get some horns integrally constructed as part of your dwelling. You wouldn‘t be the first.

Just think what all that extra wall cavitation would do to its thermal rating……..

I definitely don’t understand the Borressen recommendation.  I heard them a few times.  BRIGHT and artificial sounding and made with cheap Chinese cabinets.

Go audition Wilson Alex V, Rockport - forget the model & MBL.  Marten Coltrane speakers are also nice.

If I had a large enough room the Charney Audio Lumaca would be my first choice. If the room was smaller the Concerto would be it. Full range single driver horns that  don’t require bass augmentation and minimal room treatments.

For $78,000, the Estelon Diamond X Mark 11 or $130,000 the Forza

$100,000 Von Schweikert Ultra 55s

Possibly Evolution Acoustics MM7s or MM3s with outboard crossover

Currnently, I have Legacy Focus speakers in a $150,000 custom built room.  They sound more like expensive speakers.   Major difference is the higher resolution / ambiance that the expensive speakers have.   I have the bass, tonality and prat at $2,500 and low amp requirements.   I am missing that wonderful ambiance that I've heard from the best speakers as well as wide sweet spot. 

I can't decide if the Bayz Audio products are coffee makers or drill presses.

Possibly a band saw?