Best speakers 5k 10 k

Lets hear  it..only new. Soundstage and imaging most important. 
Audio Physic Tempo Plus. 
Vandersteen Audio Treo CT.
I own a pair of Audio Physic 6 . Best imaging and sound stage I have ever heard . I have owned over 30 different speakers . 

" Soundstage and imaging most important. " 

Can you describe the room?

Do you have free reign for speaker positioning? 

I presume the sweet spot is the focus... does soundstaging outside the sweet spot matter?  


GE Triton Reference.  9K. 
Maybe a coaxial driver if you like imaging.
Vandy 1, 2, 3's and Treo's. And, VLR's for a bookshelf.
At $5k. - Verdant Audio Nightshade 1.   

At $7K - Verdant Audio Blackthorn 1

pricey for smallish monitors but to quote a reviewer from AXPONA, these are “little speakers that deliver big sound”

My speakers, I know so am biased but I have competitive benchmarks and am not an idiot.  If this is your budget, I think I offer a pretty spectacular value as no one is producing composite (Nightshade = Fiberglass, Blackthorn = Carbon Fiber) speakers in this price range and the cabinet makes a huge difference in allowing the speaker to simply do its job.  

Another vote for Vandersteen. Anything from Treo Ct. on down.....IMHO
Check out Boenicke......then forget the rest. Not exactly forget the rest but your list will grow shorter when compared to any of the Boenicke range. Just my opinion which ain't worth diddly squat....,Having heard many loudspeakers in my time. Nothing crushes them, and certainly many are woefully short of the musicality that Boenicke speakers ooze..
Descending from the $10k price point:
Revel F228Be Paradigm Persona 3F
Salk SS 9.5Focal Kanta No. 2Dynaudio Contour 60

At that price range I always do B&W 804D3 or 803D3.
Easy. Magnepan 3.7i  No dynamic speaker can compare. If you want more volume add a subwoofer. You need at least 200 watts/ch. 
Consider the Totem Acoustics Forest Signatures. Superb in my system.

Try Usher Mini DMD 2
or Avalon Eclipse if you can find one 
easy answer:   something like the REVEL f208 or another great $5k speaker with the addition of a $2000ish JLAudio or REL or SVS sub.   case closed   

For me it's Legacy Audio...Own three pairs, Focus SE, and two sets of the Studio HD's...Was totally blown away by the Legacy line up. Dollar for dollar it would be hard to beat the performance. 
I have to agree with mn2bttb. Revels are really hard to beat, they just play the music.  I used a set of F36 for a while and debated whether to keep them or my Magnepan 3.5s.   Personally, I would use a pair of Rythmik subs.  

I’m very intrigued by the Boenicke speakers myself.
But when suggesting Boenicke, I’d want to be made aware of the rather high demands that brand puts on the choice of amplifier. I just read a review again where the W8 was measured at 81 db sensitivity with a challenging impedance, the speaker designer suggesting his speakers should have 1,000w amplification to reach their potential. Wow!!!!

Charney Audio Companion with Voxativ AF 2.6 drivers @ $8900.00. Charney is located in Somerset NJ. Set up an appointment to audition you'll be glad you did!
Heard some negative stuff on Charnay..i knownhe spend a ton on quality of driver. Verdant audio intrigues me
Charney Speakers look like they were made in a High School Wood Shop. Dont care how great they sound cause I would have to cover them with a sheet to avoid embarrassment.
Im thinking about it will get back to you asap.
NYAudio98 - if you are local in NYC (guessing from the name) I am in CT.  I would be happy to try and arrange time for you to listen.  

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Gee, have we forgotten anybody? 
Prof, that should make Boulder happy:)
Harbeth SHL5+.  
I am finished thinking about different speakers. 

Excellent deep bass definition, amazing midrange detail, realism and smoothness.  Sweet airy top end without overdoing it.   
How Stereophile called these Class B is mystifying.  
@avanti1960, “How Stereophile called these Class B is mystifying.”

Probably the lack of drama and scale compared to horns for example, which seemed to really bother their reviewer.

In any case, all reviews are far far from the last word. I now laugh at how seriously I used to take reviews and ask myself why?
Have you heard any of the Salk Sound line? I have the SC SongTowers which are under your budget but the Song3 Encores might be right up your alley, and Jim Salk is the best to work with.
+1 for the Magnepan 3.7i.
Even the smaller 1.7i, at just over $2K, makes a bigger, more realistic stage - with fine detail and timber (whether seated in or out of the sweet spot) than anything near it’s price.

Magico A1, A3, Vandersteen Treo, Wilson Sabrina (used), KEF LS 5o with R900 Sub,Fritz Carrera, Legacy Signatures, or Elac Adante series, Maggie 3.7 for planer IMHO. All based on room selection, treatment, and front end, amplifier budget
I had researched speakers in those range for nearly 6 months: Considered nearly 12 speakers. 
I had short listed to Magico A3, Audiosolutions Figaro L, Aerial Acoustics 7T, Revel F228be.
I ended up buying Aerial Acoustics 7T. Love them. 
Audiosolutions Figaro L and Magico A3s were very close too. 
If you are really serious, audition speakers as much as you can and shorten the list as you go. Else, it will be confusing and hard. Best of luck. 
Speakers image and sound stage are placement dependent, component dependent, and room dependent.
That said
Dutch & Dutch 
Genelec, etc. DSP active speakers will be the easiest to position in any room regardless of parameters or components and give consistent performance. Read a few reviews. When you are finally done shopping, touching, drooling, speaking for myself here, and just want to sit and enjoy all the music, not just the songs tuned to your system, go listen to some dsp self powered speakers and then wonder why everybody isn't using them. I'm thinking of having mine chromed and putting some custom power meters  on them. No i'm not related to kenjit.
 New Larsen 8 speakers ?..
MAGICO A3s used great sound.
Any love for Audio Note AN-E?😀
The Legacy Calibre XD is the best speaker I've ever heard under $7k. It's a true giant killer that crushes $20k-$30k speakers.  The same thing applies as you move up the Legacy line. But the Calibre XD is truly something special.  Anyone in attendance at RMAF or Axpona can walk in to the Legacy room, listen to the Calibre XD's and walk around the entire show trying to find any another speaker that sounds as good for the price.  You probably wont.  

Also a fan of the entire line of Ryan Speakers, although it's a different sound.  A bit hot on the top end, but in a very very refined way.  
Marten Duke 2's with a Luxman L505uxll 
Best Kept Secret
alexbpm, I have never heard Ryans sound hot on the top end. I strongly suspect the associated equipment caused that. What was in the system?

Former Ryan dealer.

Brian Walsh
Aerial 7 t’s are very nice in both soundstage and imaging but they became much better when I treated my room. I suspect that may be the most important thing.