Best speakers 4 small room & Classic R&B and Jazz

Best speakers 4 small room & Classic R&B and Jazz

I have a new Denon AVR-987 (best I could afford w/financing) and am looking for speakers for my very small 10' x 13.5' apartment living room (see below for description). Because of the design of the room, I am forced to put my system on the long wall (only around 7' feet away from me). My budget for the speakers is $700 max.

I am planning on running the speakers as a 2ch stereo set up, gradually adding on the center, sub and surround over the next year or so. My interests are music 60-70% and HT 30-40%. The room is very small (10x13.5") and very carpeted and cluttered with couches and bookshelves and a couple of windows. My music interests are mostly classic jazz and r&b from the 1950s and 60s. I also listen to some contemporary stuff.......some indie folk rock and hip hop.

Should I be looking for towers or monitors & sub?

I am relatively new to all of this and would love some feedback from the forum folks.
Well, if I were to recommend used speakers in a strictly 2-channel setup, I'd strongly suggest going for a used pair of J M Reynaud Twins. They are incredible speakers for the money IMHO. I've had a pair for six years now, and although they've been sent to second system duty (matched with an NAD 320bee int btw), I still find them to be extremely sweet in every way.

If you're going to go surround in the future, I'd start with a pair of PSB 45 or 55s, nice small floorstanders. The line would also allow easy expansion into a full surround setup as you could afford it.

Good luck.