Best speaker with tubes?

I am looking for new speakers to use with my Cary V12 tube amp. I run it in 50 watt triode mode. I want a speaker that has great detail with the highs, but can go low when I want to rock the house. I have auditioned Revel, B&W, Thiel, Martin Logan, Wilson and Dynaudio. I am leaning towards the Dynaudio Contour 3.3, but know that I will have to replace the V12 with a much higher powered amp. Please offer your suggestions of speakers I should consider for use with my V12. I am looking to spend less than $10,000.

B&Ws are very nice with tubes. If you put the wrong electronics on the B&Ws you can get some siblance. The Martin Logans would also be a very nice choice. The revels are the best out of the above mentioned, But they mate the best with Levinson gear. Good Luck
The exquisite sound yielded by the Kharma 2.1 is, in my view, inimitable in your stated price range. Punctilious attention to detail and craftsmanship beyond reproval conspire to make this one of the most sublime loudspeakers today and, almost certainly, through the next quinquennium.
WOW, formula one must spend a lot of time with a thesaurus in hand! Well in simple english, be sure to listen to the VSM Milleniums. Merlins love tubes, have a realistic 8 ohm impedance, and will go very loud with a real 50 watts of tube power. They are also the best speakers I've ever heard, or owned for small to medium sized listening spaces.
I can tell you with experience that Martin Logan (SL3's) are not a good match for the Cary V12. I have been listening to that very setup for the last month. I have since sold the SL3's and bought the Soliloquy 6.3's, not before trying several other speakers, one being the Coincident Super Eclipse (another speaker you may want to consider, to much bass for me). With the Martin Logan's running in Triode or even 2/3 Triode, they lost all the highs. Many of the Martin Logan speakers can drop down to as low as 1.7 ohms, which is tough load to drive with a low powered tube amp. The Soliloquy's with a 90+ effecincy, I got my highs back and the sound stage is remarkable, and for the $3000.00 suggested retail price, they seem to be a bargin, just a thought, good luck with your search.......Bob
Another you may want to consider, if you don't need much bass below 40hz (i.e., if you listen mostly to rock, jazz and smaller orchestral works), are the Dunlavy SC-IIIs. Easy to drive, comparatively small (OK, not the height, but at least the footprint is) and quite good dynamics. I've always felt the Dunlavy speakers sounded more "alive" with tubes vs. solid state (the opposite of the earlier Duntech speakers). Used they are a bargain, in my view.
I have used my Proac Response 2.5s (they may not be in production anymore) with five different tube amps and they worked great with them all. I've heard the new Cary V12 is quite revealing so beware of speakers with any trace of hardness, lack of body in the midrange, etc.
The kharma 2.1 is best speaker i have heard.It places instruments in their own space better than anything i have relaxing and efficient.I wish i could afford them right now.
I took a V12 home on loan to see how well it did with my Dyn 3.3 and I don't recommend this combo. As you already indicated, the lower power V12 will not bring out the best the Dyn 3.3. I personally prefer Proac speakers with tubes (great bass extention and to die for sound stage). I have recently heard a lot of positive reviews for Audio Physics. You may want to check their line out.
Cberry- I'd highly recommend that you check out the Coincident Speaker line, especially the Total Eclipse. These are one of the most underrated speakers available. They are a true fullrange speaker with high efficiency (94dB) and a high impedance (10~14ohms) that makes it extremely easy to drive and a perfect match for tube gear. Just a suggestion.
Good luck.
Cberry, I run Sonic Frotiers top of the line, Line 3 SE. Power 2 SE. Sweet tube sound by Svetlana KT88's. My humble opinion is Klipsch Lascala's or Bell Klipsch. Optional consideration would be a high quality sub wolfer by SVT.Multiple,singulary insulated speaker leads of the Kimber Co. is a must! Ponder the basic principle of the original audio entertainment device, like the doggie inquisitively peering into the throat of the RCA horn. This science works as demonstrated by profesional entertainment halls, moivie theatres and live artists since inception of amplified sound. Knuf Sed! Frantic Frank
Coincident Technologies Super Eclipse works great with tube amps, and is a bargain at $5,500. (Price going up to $5,900 Oct 15, 2001 according to their website). Check the website, and go listen to them with your favorite material. I'm sure you will not be disappointed!
Try the Meadolwark speakers...they're very good with tube gear...Cary amp should shine through these speakers...
I have used Maggies , and currently have ProAc Response 3 Sigs (I know, old & out of production-But they sound great!)
Try also JM Labs.
Genesis v and they are for sale
I've heard them with Vandersteen 3 on the front and Cary CD306 on the back end. Havn't heard such open sound and stage.
From experience, I second the Kharma, Dunlavy, and ML views above. I could add Virgos and the smaller-sized Piego. Also, Pfkd's idea for Gen V is excellent IMO -- but you have to "coordinate" their servo with your Cary...

Good luck!
Hear me know and believe me later!
I would have to go with the Avantgardes. 15 watts can make these babies sing.
jm lab mezzo utopia, 92.5 db. gen 5s would be a damn good choice as well,as they have their own bass amp.
I'm with Philefreak. Try the Silverline Sonata. Works well with tubes. A great speaker with excellent imaging, superb mids and highs and will accurately produce all the bass you feed it. Silverline uses a 7 watt tube amp to demo these speakers. BTW they also sound excellent with solid state. I think I'll go listen to mine now.
I've also found Meadowlark and Cary to be a really fine combo, but would have trouble recomending them over some of the suggestions above, such as Kharma. I note you mentioned Thiel and, though I like Thiel enough to own some, it would likely take a bit more then 50wpc to make them go.
Hi Mezmo which Cary and Meadowlark do you use together Thanks
Do you mean "ports?"
Regarding the Cary and Medowlark combo I heard (heard it only once in a showroom) they were playing the Herons with some Cary monoblocks (sorry, don't recall what) and the CJ Art preamp. It was, and remains, out of my league, so I didn't bother to pin down all of the details. It sure did sound nice, though.
Take this advise and do with it what you may. Any tube amp will do better driving a speaker with even impedience and prefer a 8 ohms and above. The new quads will work well. Spendors will work very well---I bought a pair of SP100's on a audition of a SET 2A3 powered amp and it was great within its power. Some of the other suggestions would probably work well also. I sold my OTLS and now am buying Maggie's to satisfy my lust for dipoles since the Quads did not cut it with my Rowland integrated. I am selling a six month old pair of Rosewood SP100 Spendors if interested---See then in the speaker section. Walt