Best speaker with Bryston 2BssT ?

Currently using Thiel 04a, thinking of trying magnepan mmg. Have the Thiels for 25 years( love them) would like to try something different. Hope I don't end up being sorry. Thank You
You may end up being sorry,but that's the risk we audiophiles always take. If at all possible,and I know often it isn't, you should audition any prospective purchase in your own system first. Having said that Maggies are often paired with Bryston amps. I'm not sure if it isn't more for the power and the available current from the Bryston amps than any synergy between the two. I think any good amp, either solid state or tube ,with lot's of current reserve would probably be a good match for the Maggies. One companies speakers I know that definitely have a synergy with Bryston amplification are those made by PMC. The two companies used to use each others products for evaluating their own and also shared a distribution arrangement.