Best Speaker wire with Rogue Audio amp and preamp for $2K or less?

I am hoping to get suggestions for speaker wire... My system consists of Silverline Sonata II speakers, Rega RP-6 TT, Rogue Audio RP-7 tube preamp, and Rogue Audio Classic 100 tube amp.   Absolute Sound recommended Siltech Speaker wire with the Silverlines, but it is too expensive.  Any recommendations would be appreciated.  
Right now I am using 16 Ga in-wall cable, so just about anything will be an improvement!
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I would suggest Analysis Plus Silver Oval 2 speaker cables for that application.  Happy Listening!
"What sound characteristics are you looking for?"

That is a really good question.  It is THE question.  I want a warm midrange.  I don't want a bright treble.  The Rogue Audio equipment is revealing but not overly warm, especially for tubes.  I have read that Analysis Plus may be too bright in the treble for my tastes, although the copper may be better than the silver in that regard.  
Consider Nordost.  Even their lower price series are a very good match with the Rogue equipment.  
A suggestion to try the cable lending library via The Cable Co to try out some different cables in your system. I have an ancient pair of Nordost Flatline speaker cables from the mid 90's. They sound really transparent and fast in my system, but they might let more brightness through than might be ideal for your preferences. Especially with digital sources, I've had to carefully choose my source components to reduce harshness. I didn't have that issue with my turntable though.
I want a warm midrange. I don't want a bright treble.
Nice speakers.  Well, for certain you do NOT want to go with Nordost as they are great but in this case are the exact opposite of what you’re looking for.  I’d recommend Morrow cables that sell direct and you can try at home with a risk-free demo.  However, if you’re open to used there a pair of internally bi-wired Acoustic Zen Hologram ll for sale on US AudioMart for $899 that I think would sound fantastic with your speakers and electronics and give you just what you’re looking for while saving you $$$.  New AZ Satori would also be a great choice and well within your budget.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 
Swisscables Reference, just outstanding speaker cables. I've had many and to my ears these are the best
Rogue Audio Classic 100?
I assume the amplifier is ST-100 or Stereo 100…never heard of Classic 100

I run Rogue RP-1 pre and Rogue ST-100 amp. Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II interconnects and Purist Audio Aqueous 20th Anniversary speaker cables with excellent results. I also tried Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cable but found it a bit too warm with my Martin Logan Montis speakers and wasn’t a fan of the overall presentation. 
The suggestion to try cables from the CableCo landing library is a good one.
Sorry, it's a ST-100.  It's only a few years whatever the 100 watt tube amp is.  (It's really a 60 watt amp in the mode I have it set to, but the Silverlines are efficient.)
I will try out some used cables, and see what makes the system happy!  Thanks to everyone who has given me suggestions.  It will be interesting to hear the differences.
Save yourself some money and try Canare 4s11, one of my audio buddies recommend it for my Pass, Maggie's combo and it sounds great.