Best Speaker Wire & Tube Pre for Aleph 3

I am presently running Wadia WT 2000 transport-X64.4 DAC through an OBH 12 (For remote purposes)Acoustic Research SP6C, Aleph 3, MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wired to a pair of Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Piano. I want to replace the OBH-12/AR SP6C chain with a single unit remote tube pre-amp to make it more simple and less interconects. I'm looking at the AE 3 or the Cary SLP 50B. Any comments on my Speaker wires & Remote Tube pre-amp are welcome. Positive & negative Ok.
I forgot to mention that I will get the remote options for the AE 3 & SLP 50B. Thanks in advance guys.....
I have an Aleph 3, and have used it with both Stealth Premier and Stealth Ultimate Ribbon speaker cables. I like the ribbons best, with my Quad ESL 63's, but the Premier is excellent and might do better with other speakers. I had MIT's top cables for five or six years, and now regret the money I spent (wasted) on them. I was able to make cables of my own, using Kimber AGSS and other decent wires, that were better. When I went back from homemade to my old MIT CVT Terminators, it was like throwing blankets over the speakers. That was 10 years ago, but I doubt it they're that much better now. Great marketing department, though.
I would suggest the pre-amp with great "resolution". And that is Audible illusions Modulus 3A! Your amp, absolutely deserve as good as pre-amp you can get! You wont regret! Regards!
Why a tube pre? The Alephs have a very low input impedence, making preamp-mating tricky. Pass Labs reports mixed results with the Audible Illusions Modulus 3. I punted by chasing a used Aleph P($1850), and string'em with fast Nordost Red Dawn IC and revII speaker cables. The Aleph P mates SUPERBLY with the Alwph amps, as you might expect. Good Luck