best speaker wire for buck

I am up dating my Home theatre. I am now using the integra 9.9 pre amp, 5 marantz mono blocks for the center and surrounds. I am using the aragon 8008bb for the two front channels.Speakers are going to be paradigm studio monitors 100 latest version.I currently have audio quest type 4 wire for the two fronts and regular 14 guage wire for the rest of the speakers.I guess my question here is what would be the best wire for this setup?Is this good enough or do I need to up grade to get better performance.Is it worth the cost for better wire ? would I notice a big difference. I wonder if someone help me out here.This is not top of the line stuff but its not best buy stuff either.I would like to spend the money where it counts the paradigm are going to cost 3400 dollars them self. I have defenitive bp 2000 speakers now. If anyone has any good advise that would be great. Thanks Bob
My advice is wait until the Paradigms are broke in before auditioning cables. You just may like the Audioquest with them.
Timrhu has good advice.
Time for a reality check. Home Depot 12 gauge wire speaker wire needs to be tried. Keep an open ear. Dare to try this low cost, but very effective solution. Leaves more money for the music, which is really what this all is about.
I use Ultralink on one of my two systems and like it a lot. Good wire.
Cardas Twinlink is a great cable if you require long runs (usually needed for HT installs) ... fairly flexible and relatively inexpensive

At roughly a buck a foot, the Canare 4S11 is pretty decent stuff for HT. it supplies my center and surrounds.

My mains use SR Sig 10 active x2 biwires. I'd like to be able to run all spakers with the Synergistic cable, but it's cost prohibitive, for me anyways.

Each time I've stepped up in cabling with 2ch audio I've noticed improvements. Not as much with HT though. I'd remain a bit more modest in my designs on going all in on pricey speaker wires there.

Instead, I'd suggest doing as I've done. Add something really nice to the mains, and maybe even the center if funds permit... and do as required elsewhere.
I would use blue jeans cable 12 gauge wire. About the same price as home depot 12 gauge (~60 cents/foot) and much nicer build.

Depends on your budget on what you can wind up with. The type4 is a good wire for the money. What length do you need? If 8 footers will work call UsedCable and see what they have in their lending library. You pay shipping but you get wires that are broken in and you can try 2 or 3 at a time so you get a good sampling. Also I think AudioAdvisor allows a 30 day return on standard length.
for the money
Blindjim gives good advice. I would not spend much on HT cable and buy better wire for the mains. I have had goodluck with Audience Maestro. Or I know of a local buddy who is selling some Audience Conductor at a good price. Email me offline if your interested and I can give you his number.
You asked... so give Morrow Audio a listen. Breakin is long but very rewarding. Even the lesser priced SCs and ICs are very satisfying.

Give Mike a call. Worth a few minutes of your time.

No affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

:) listening,

Morrow is excellent, but the new Morrow cables are really much more expensive than, say, Bogdan Goldys, MAC, and one of my favorites, MAS Hybrids. I would try MAS Hybrids, which should cost less than $200 for a 6 ft pair.

Try the Transparent musiclink - $200 for 10 feet and excellent.
I have not tried them yet but Bruce Brisson's Giant Killer speaker cables (MIT diy) just might be the best for the buck speaker cables...did you see the sixmoons review on these cables $$$$
Try eichmann cables.I had Parardigm studio 100 in the past,and it worked vey well.In my humble opinion,best bang for the buck.
Signal Cable...prev owned is fine some money.

Mnnc makes a good recommendation. I used Signal Cable for years - kept switching them out for famous name brand cables and finding no improvement despite other cables costing more. Kept them until I upgraded to cables costing many times the price. You get major bang for the buck with these.
Another vote for Morrow Audio! I replaced all of my Kimber Select interconnects & speaker cables with Morrow's SP/MA 2 series cables. Not only did the Morrow cables flat out smoke the Kimber Selects in my reference system (and they do sound better, with tighter bass response, more natural high frequencies and a larger, more open sound stage)-but with the savings that I realized from selling the Kimber Selects and replacing them with the Morrow 2 series, I just about paid for the secondary rig that I put together in my dining room.

Kudos to you Mike Morrow!
another vote for Morrows...i have ma3, and I can wait to try their MA5 and MA6...
Analysis Plus Blue Oval
I have the Morrow MA-4 interconnects with Eichmann silver bullet plugs and SP-4 speaker cables which are both awesome. They are much more musical, dynamic, and natural sounding than the PS Audio Plus and anticables which preceded them, and have significantly elevated the performance and enjoyment I now get from my system. I strongly suggest getting the burn-in service offered by Mike Morrow.
If the paradigm studio 100 is as tough on amps as some other Paradigms in the past, I'd wait for a while until everything settles in.
for home audio i would recommend kimber 8tc as reasonable cost quality speaker wire. for home theatre- to me this is more for the surround sound, multiple channels & power as to emulate movie theatres rather than subtelties of music so don't spend too much. kimber pbj would probably work fine here if you want some decent quality & ease of handling.
I just got some 12 gauge silver plated teflon insulated mil spec wire off ebay for a very good price. I am going to give it a shot and see how it compares to Blue jeans.

Mogami Neglex,a very underated superb sounding cable at real world prices.I'm currently selling a 25ft.pair.This stuff is used in many studios for its superior neutral sound.