Best speaker value between $1800-$2100

Need some input on best value in speakers between $1800 to $2100. I have been out of the market for 3 years due to illness. I currently have a pair of Silverline Prelude II speakers which are above average. I am driving them with a Creek 5250SE Classic which is about 85RMS. I prefer a speaker with a narrow profile(like the Preludes) because the room is 12X15 with mostly hardwood floors and wall of window area. I also have some overstuffed furniture; but, overall the room is lively. I don't have a lot of flexibility in the room for speaker placement; I currently have the Preludes placed on the long axis---they sound somewhat louder on the right speaker. I use a pair 10ft of Analysis Oval 12 which may need to be replaced. All opinions and advice will be welcomed.
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There are plenty of speakers in that range that are more than worthy of a listen.Remember,what Joe or Sam or I like might not be your cup of tea.Try some out if you can.That being said,I bought a pair of Tyler Acoustics 7U's without hearing them and I could not be happier.Sometimes you just get lucky!!!!