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I'm running two Classe DR-3 amps in bridge mode with a Musical Fidelity CD-Pre24. I'm looking for the best used speaker value in 1800.00 dollar price range. I listen to all gener's of music and at moderate to loud sound levels. Room is of medium size and not dedicated. Of paticular importance if female vocal. All help most appreciated. Cheers Gary
I have a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR's which I like a lot and highly recommend.
Vandersteen 3A Sig.
Why buy used? The Thor kit from Madisound ( - look under kits) is $1500 per pair and is a wonderfully clean and smooth speaker. The speaker is a transmission line design with an MTM driver layout based on the latest magnesium cone technology from SEAS. The kit is easy and quick (about 2 hours) to assemble and comes with handsome prefinished cabinets. This Thor will easily best anything available used at the $2000 mark and gives many much more expensive speakers a run for the money. I have compared it to many of the current contenders (Vandersteen 3A and 2CE, Thiel 2.4, JM Labs Utopia, B&W 803 among others) and it has come out on top every time. Give it a look!
While you are at it, compare the THOR to what you get with the Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Monitors. They are here used and sometimes auctioned by Tyler Acoustic themselves here. Usually go for around $2000. They are excellent and an excellent value.
Happy Listening!
I'm not going to claim that they will easily better anything under 2k, but I would second the recomendation for the Maggie 1.6
If room permits i would also recommend Maggies 1.6. If not i heard nice speakers today called Opera Super Pavaroti. Beautiful craftsmanship and whatta sound for merely 2K!
Hi Gary

If possible give the Harbeths a listen, one super speaker.

Good luck in your search.


If you can drive the Maggies and can place them properly, they are tough to beat. If you are placement challenged (that non-dedicated room is a bit of a tip-off) you may wish to listen to some GMA Europas. Pocket the rest of the money or get some other gear with it. New they are under $1K. The Vandersteens are also wonderful if you are looking for a floorstander IMHO. Whatever you do, just listen to the stuff you're familiar with through equipment at least "like" yours before you make the decision.

Let me pile on another recommendation to listen to the Maggie 1.6 qr s. If you find you prefer box speakers,consider the Madisound "Original" Odins at a thousand dollars. I have not heard the Thors but would like to.
A used pair of Thiel's would work nicely as well
Another recommendation for Tyler... Their Linbrook Signature speaker is similar to the Premium version of the Odin Kit, with even better sound and a better quality cabinet. Used, you can find a pair under 2K.

If a floorstander is desired, then the Tyler 7U is an equally good choice for the same price... It is very hard to find a used pair of these, however.

ACI Sapphires. They do vocals very well!
I used to use Maggies; now I've moved up to Eminent Technology LFT-8a's. Rich, powerful, controlled, detailed, you name it. Bruce Thigpen, the maker, is wonderful! $1,700/pr. I suggest strongly you biamp them for max listening pleasure.
Used Alon Model IV speakers. At thier performance level and price for used, nothing is remotely close to the sonic excellence of these speakers. Just love Class A power and those DR 3 will really bring the Alons to life in a special way. Powering my Alons with Class A mono blocks.
Keep 500-600 in your pocket and get a pair of PSB Gold i's.
Second the Vandersteen 3A Sig, although used is closer to $2300+. Green Mountain Audio products in this range appear to be very nice too.