Best speaker used under $1000 for piano rec.


I have some views on this topic based on numerous speakers I have owned over the last 25 years, but would appreciate others' views and experience on the best speakers for reproducing piano music. I know that this topic has been discussed at some length here, but I'm on a budget now and need to stay under $1000 new or used. I have a smallish room and now have budget/mid SS electronics. Thanks,

There is a pair of Reference 3a mm De Capos listed in the classifieds for $1050. Great sounding speaker, with or without the "i" upgrade. Piano sounds wonderful on them.
I would 2nd the DeCapo's, hard to get a better sounding speaker at that price. I am also a big fan of Totem Acoustics, I've been running a pair of Mani2's for the last 6 months and love 'em. Although they would be a little more $$$, there are plenty of Totems in your price range that would really shine.
Thanks for all the responses. I've owned some of the speakers mentioned (Spendor, Totem, Ref. 3A) but wanted to consider other options. I might try a used pair of Dynaudios for a change. Would love to try Harbeths, but they seem to be far out of my price range.