Best speaker upgrade to pair with a 25 year old Mark Levinson 23.5 power amp/ 28 preamp

Fellow Audiogon members,

I'm getting ready to turn 60 and I've been using a listening setup that consists of a 25-year-old Mark Levinson 23.5 power amp/ No. 28 preamp driving a pair of B&W Matrix Anniversary 801s. I still have my vinyl collection but use an Innuos Zenith Mk III digital music server and Wavelength Cosecant DAC for my digital music. Pretty happy with everything I was wondering if there was anything out there that would be equal or an improvement to the 801s, preferably something lighter but with the same bass extension, etc. Thanks in advance.
I have friends with WILSON MAXX’s driven by their MARK LEVINSON front-end and all-TRANSPARENT cable array.

Simply put, it’s a rare joy to behold that leaves me mesmerized , the system is that good. 

I'd stick with the B&W.  Sure, we can get you into something "better", but at what cost?  Not the cost of what used 801's are going for these days, but a whole lot more.
If you can find them, I’d recommend going to listen to the Joseph Audio Perspective and the Vandersteen Quatro.  Have fun listening.