Best speaker under 5k MSRP.

I'm looking for some input here on a new pair of mains. My musical taste varies widely from jazz to folk to classical and rock. I'd like higher effeciency speakers, so my amp money can go to better quality, less power . Magnetic sheilding is also a consideration, as all audio and video equipment is in the same room. It's not a necessity, but it is a plus. I also seem to prefer a soft dome tweeter. Speakers I've listened too and liked were: Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home, Vienna Acoustics Beethoven's and Audio Physic Tempo III's. Of these I liked the Audio Physic the best, although the GP Home is the only one of these that's shielded. I've read about speakers like Silverline Sonatina's or Corona II's, but have no local dealers. I've also read good things about the Soliloquy 6.3's (these are sheilded). All of these speakers are above 90 db effeciency and less than $5K. Any other recommended ones that I'm overlooking? Can anyone who has heard the Silverline speakers or the Soliloquy's compare them to the ones that I've heard. As of now I'm leaning towards the Tempo III's, even though they aren't shielded. I'd be interested in hearing any comments from someone who has listened to the AP Tempo III's and the Soliloquy 6.3's.
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Buy the Vandersteen 2's with 2 of their subwoofer's. You'll still have money left over to buy a great amp; and the sound will be superior to anything else out there. You will also have saved some money. MERRY CHRISTMAS
the Gershman Acoustics Avant Garde RX 20 - retail for 4400 but you can get a good deal on them from Steve at - check for thoughts on owners who have them - no speaker goes this low 24hz at this price.
Sorry, can't help you "head to head", but I can attest to the sound of Siverline. I use SR-17s (monitors) but got to listen to the Sonatinas when I bought the SR-17's, and absolutely loved them. Couldn't afford them then, or I would own them today, but I have absolutely NO complaints with the SR-17s, and have no reservations recommending the Sonatinas. I do recall preferring their balance and voice over the comparable Sonus Faber (not the Grand, I don't think, one model down, perhaps?). In daily use, I've come to believe there is something to the Silverline idea of chopping off the top front corners on the cabinets. I am not an engineer, nor do I profess much beyond rudimentary knowledge of audio, but there IS something different in the way these speakers present. And I like it. I find their treble to be the smoothest I heard, and the overall range of the speaker to be most complete (iirc, they spec better than the SF's , but I'm too lazy to go look it up! I know you can't hear specs, but...I have heard the speakers.)


Speaker recommendations are very difficult because the subjective nature involved in how we judge them. Even if we can agree on a speaker that we both think sounds wonderful in a particular situation chances are that they will sound different when you get them home due to room acoustics.

The AP Tempo is an excellent speaker. It is easy to drive and works well in small rooms. I would suggest that you listen to the B&W N804, same price point, or the N803, more expensive speaker. They do not require expensive amplification to work well although you can upgrade your electronics in the future and be rewarded. I think that the B&W N series is are richer sounding speakers. They are not as fast as the AP speakers that I have heard in the past. Good luck and Happy Holidays.
All I would add to the other comments is that before you commit your hard-earned dollars, go into a pro audio shop and audition a pair of Tannoy System 15 DMT II. 98 dB sensitivity, 200 wrms power handling, 38 HZ - 25 kHz, totally neutral and unforgiving of source components--you'll get what is on the recording and what the upstream components can deliver--nothing more or less. Compatible with SETS or monster solid state amps or anything in between. No beautiful hardwood veneers here, but the DMT cabinets are the best I've (not) heard. They list here in Canada for the equivalent of US$4000, but are sold for around US$3000. I include of course the caveats about subjectivity, etc. Good luck.
the sonus faber grand piano homes are great little speakers; good choice. i have only heard the big silverlines though. i think the martin logan ascents are 4500. sound lab dynastats are very musical. good luck.
Without a doubt, Vandersteen 3A Signatures. The above mentioned speakers are all good in several areas; however, the 3A Sigantures excell in all areas and are extremely musical. Go listen to a pair on good electronics and you'll discover what happy Vandersteen owners have known for years.

Since no one's mentioned them yet, the ProAc Response 2.5's are fabulous for about $4500. I own 'em and love 'em, so I'm probably a bit biased, but with the right electronics they are beautifully musical and wonderful to listen to.
I own and really like the Newform Research R645 with upgraded crossover. Others I would consider are Magnepan 3.6R for planar and the Joseph Audio model that is $3500 (can't remember the model number). These two were head and shoulders abover the others I tried.
3.6R's by magnepan would be a good choice. I also know more then a few members love von schweikert(spelling?) perhaps the VR-4.5genII is available in that price range. There are plenty of good sounding speakers available in that range, you shouldn't have a problem finding something good.
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My Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rods come in under your limit. I love 'em for their naturalness, gorgeous midrange, coherence. Good WAF too. Nothing bothers me about what they do, at all. If I could have gone higher I would have listened to Verity Audio. If I had had to go sideways I would have tried Audio Physik. Then there are Maggies, if you want to strike out away from the beaten path.