Best speaker under $1K...... used market

I am looking for a 2nd pair of loudspeakers for my basement, and would like some opinions.

I currently have PSB Gold i's and listen to mostly country, bluegrass, and rock. I love the deep bass, but have not listened to many speakers in this range.

My system:
Forte 1a amp
Nad 1600 Pre
Pioneer PD-65 CDP
Kimber 8tc, Silver Streak, PBJ
Vandy 2Ce Sigs. Full range and they can be had used for under $1000. There are some for sale on A-gon.
Look for an old goodmans or electrovoice speakers on the ebay. Look for one with 10" woofer. They are fantastic speakers, and they put a shame on so many modern design. But they are ugly.
Would you consider new at $1k to $1.2k ?
If so, Ohm Micro Walsh or Ohm 100 Walsh.
Omni or semi omni directional could fill basement depending on room dimensions. Good review by 6moons on micro walsh.