Best Speaker To Use With Scott LK72 Tube Amp?

I am looking to spend around 1500.00, I am currently using Mission 753 freedoms and a 5AS sub, Phillips 963SA CD/DVD,and Mapleshade platforms and Triplepoints, and Signal Analog 2 RCA & Signal Shotgun speaker cables. I have always used a sub but it's become a problem with placement. I am hoping to eliminate the use of a sub is this a good idea? I have hardwood floors and mainly listen to Blues, Guitar based Classic Rock some Funk & Jazz. I may at some point buy another Scott integrated and try BiAmping!
A sub would normally be better able to cope with any placement issues from a sonic point of view than would a pair full range speakers with no sub.

Now, if you mean you just don't have enough physical space for a sub, then that's different.