Best Speaker to use with Arcam AVR300?

Hello All, I recently purchased an Arcam AVR300 and would like any input on what speakers would sound best with this receiver. All of you who own an Arcam, let me know what speakers you're using and how you like the combo. Thanks!
There are quite a few choices here. Look under 2004 home theater.
There are a few of variables at stake here - price range, intended use, size constraints, environment. I own an AVR200. I bought it for primary use in a 2-channel system, but with the thought of building an HT-system some day. I originally used B&W 602 S3's for fronts, with the matching sub (and some old JVC mini-system monitors as rears). They were very effective monitors, especially in combination with the sub. I now have Meadowlark Ospreys that are still in the break-in stage. Though not fully seasoned, I can tell that they are more natural sounding than the B&W's with a taller soundstage, if that makes any sense. I purchased them based on the warmth of the Arcam. I am really looking forward to the combo when the Ospreys start to show their true colors.

Something to keep in mind on the Arcam is the power management is superb. My 200 is rated at 85 wpc, but that is very deceptive. It will push hard without straining and so is well suited to speakers that might generally be thought of as "hungry." I expect the same is even more true on the 300 at 120/100 wpc.

The importer, Audiophile Systems, as well as some distributors that I have spoken to, will tell you that as a British component it is best suited to British speakers, a la B&W. I don't buy it having heard how it's working with my Ospreys and having also listened to some JM Labs monitors (whose sound I generally find bright and sterile). But if you're thinking ht/multi-channel, some speaker makers, such as B&W, offer a wide enough range to select speakers that are well matched with each other. Had I kept the 602's I intended to either make them rears and add 603's for fronts, or add 601's for rears.

Plenty of listening should make the decision (difficult) for you. Please post back; I'm real interested to know what you select.
Interestingly, and perhaps oddly, I'm using Merlin VSM-MMs with my Arcam AVR 300. I biamp them by taking the 6th and 7th channels and sending that power to the fronts.

All I can say is, I'm happy with the results! I have no room in my rack for separates, and I wanted "the world's greatest [audiophile] receiver". Please take the bracketed word in context...the Arcam is a lot cheaper than the Pioneer Jumbo or the Denon Humungous (or whatever those mass market brands are called), but I really think the AVR300 far surpasses those behemoths in the areas of subtlety and nuance.

And the Merlin's benefit greatly from that. Maybe not the ultimate Merlin experience, exactly, compared to $10k of amplification, but I really enjoy the synergy.
I guess I should add a few specs here. I want to keep the cost of the speakers at or below $1500.00. My system will be about 50/50 music and movies/tv. I presently have Paradigm Ref. Studio 20's for mains and Ref. CC for Center Channel, with a small pair of Tannoys for surround. I want to upgrade the Ref 20's first, as one person said in an earlier thread, they are starting to bore me. My room is aprox. 14'x18'x8' and with furniture it doesn't leave alot of room for speakers that have to sit "out" in a room to sound good.
I do not want to sound like I am pushing B&W, but they now have a series of on-wall speakers that may save you some space as rears. $1500 for a whole system is doable, with some strategzing. The 602's show up used from time to time here, and, depending on where you live, retailers will often arrange a substantial discount if you're buying a whole package. Again, unless you're trying to go used, the key is to do some listening.
I'm a big fan of Arcam recievers, actually all their products, and mine sounds great with my Maggie 1.6s. The Maggies have a reputation of demanding quite a bit of power, but I've heard them sound great on Arcam's 40 watt A-65+. And the AVR300 is definitely a stepup from that. We have similar tastes, with Stevie Ray being my favorite. The Maggies are very open, and will give you a wide and deep soundstage. But they do need to be pulled out about 3 feet from the back wall with a little space from the sidewall to breathe.

If you want more of a box sound I'd recommend ProAc Studio 125s. It was a very close call for me between them and the Maggies. They will give you more kick than the Maggies and sound great for rock music. If you want to stay with stand-mounted speakers, the ProAc Reference 8s for around $1100 new and ProAc Reference 8 sigs, for around $1800 new (the sigs were Hi-Fi+ product of the year for 2004) offer exceptional value. Very natural voices with plenty of air between instruments. I don't know how else to put it, but they just sound right.

My last recommendation would be Wharfedale Evo 30s. They just had a bump up in price to around $999 I think. They present a nice soundstage and definitely will boogie for rock. Good luck.
I have always thought about a pair of Maggies but I just don't have the room, seeing that they have to be out in the open to breathe. I've heard them and they do sound wonderful but..... I'll check out the Pro Ac's thanks !
Ok all,, Please give me your opinions on the Triangle Titus 202?
Hello All, I haven't had any responses to my last question. I'm afraid I have burned everyone out on this topic. Please know that I greatly appreciate all you of comments and suggestions. It was very helpful in my decision making process and I learned a few things also. Thank you.
Denon, just so you know I'm not burned out, :-) but I don't have any experience with Triangle products. I suggest opening a new thread for opinions on the Titus 202. Good luck.
Thanks Friz, I took your advise. See my new thread. :)
Really!...what's the room, budget, etc?
Still, with ANY RECEIVER, you're looking at limited power output compared to separates. My first choice for you is the Triangle's! yes, they use a simple crossover, thus have better control over drivers, and more like an active speaker, for better dynamics with your receiver. They also sound good from what I hear(no pun)
STill, I see you bought the receiver first! Many do this, and fall in love with a receiver. I don't. Speakers are FAR MORE IMPORTANT to the sound of the system, followed by amp and source, then wires, etc. The room being equal to all of these together.
STill, I'd have got the speakers, then the amp/receiver whatever. But there you are.
That said, the Arcams a clean reiver indeed. Cross speakers over to small, use a sub for sure, and go with more efficient higher sensitivity designs thusly.
Look into the Triangle Titus, celius,etc.
Good luck
I use Epos M15.2s for L&R, M8 center and M5s for L&R surrounds. Bottom is produced by an original ACI Titan II subwoofer. I use an Arcam AVR200 for driving them. The Epos work very well with this reciever: a warm, yet detailed sound that to my ear have great tonal accuracy. If I had the 300 I would use the back channels to drive the 15s.
Thanks Flrnlamb and Raredking for you input. The Arcam AVR300 is able to be bi amped to the front mains, which will put 200 watts. If that isn't enough power then I give up! hahahaha!
Great News!!!!!!!!!
A salesperson from an Audio Store, Upscale Audio, in S. Calif.
called me back this evening and had one pair of Triangle Titus 202's left. I got a great deal and I should have them by Tuesday. I hope they are as good as everyone has said. We'll See! :) Thank you for all your input, it was greatly appreciated!
What speakers would sound best with this receiver???
How could anyone possibly anwser this question.
First the best speaker in the world is the one that YOU like best. I cant believe you purchased a speaker without listing to them. And buying a speakers from advice from audiogoners (that is a good name for them) who may have never been to a live orchestra or a non amplified concert whao knows if they have any hearing loss or completely different tast than you. Or mabe there kids having fun with some poor sucker online
I would never buy a car,house,clothes,food,wine or almost anything without at least checking them out first. Once again the ignorance on these forums never cease to amaze me.
Dear Krellm7, you snooty bastard! No one here is ignorant except maybe you. I thoroughly checked out the speakers from various experts before purchasing them. I don't consider myself a true audiophile, I do have some hearing loss from my days in the Navy. But I was also a Installation Technician for many years doing satelite, Home theater systems (low level) and have loved audio equipment since I was a teenager. I am now 51 and still learning, if I don't like the speakers, I can sell them very easily and buy something else. The people hear may or may not be experts but they are nice and very helpfull in the decision making process. So go stick it wear the sun don't shine.
I know I'm late to the thread but I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in after the fact. I asked the same question about 8 months ago and two posts recommended the Quad L-Series. They received great reviews in the british HI-FI magazines but are somewhat unknown in the USA and have poor distribution. I ordered two 22Ls, an L-Center, and two 12Ls. Signal cable throughout with the 22Ls bi-amped. The setup was a true ear opener; what I was using before was complete crap in comparison. Even my wife could tell the huge leap in audio clarity. While some people have said the speakers are more important, then comes the receiver; I would disagree. Depending on what you have system matching is the most important. The reason why I like my Arcam gear is that it's very true to the source, as are the Quads, and both are british. In retrospect, the L-Center is a little weak and the addition of a subwoofer is a must.
Dear Denon53,
I would like to second your nomination of Krellm7 to the status of "snooty bastard." Can we get a vote? As for the "risk" factor in buying a SUPERB brand name like Triangle, from a dealer as fair and reputable as Kevin Deal at Upscale...there IS no risk! He will take care of you if you don't like the Titus. For a room the size of yours, I don't see how you can beat the Titus, especially since you can't bring them very far out into the room. As a further bonus, you now have close to a grand to spend on MUSIC! I have owned 2 Triangle models, the Celius 202 and the Volante 260 (which I have reviewed on this site): both provide the sound quality you would expect from speakers priced in 5 figures. All Triangle models have a magical midrange/tweeter interface that projects an open, neutral soundstage -- wide, deep, and extremely detailed. I think you are gonna love 'em, but if you don't, Kevin will fix you up with something you like better. If you need more bass (this can create as many new problems as it solves), try a subwoofer that has a FLEXIBLE filter cut-off range. I used the Triangle sub with the Celius, with the cut-off at 40 Hz because I didn't want it to "double up" with the Celius' low end. Enjoy! By the way, I am a 65-year-old ex-Marine, and I've been at this crazy hobby since I brought my first system back from a tour in 'Nam, ordered while in Hong Kong on R&R. Anchors Aweigh and Semper Fi!! If you like Arcam, there is nothin' wrong with your ears! Krellm7 probably stood too close to a 105 during howitzer practice!!
Hello GKCC3, thanks for the support. You sound like a real Trinagle Lover. I just returned home from a family reunion up in Oregon and my Titus's were sitting here waiting for me. I set them up last night and fired them up. I have to admit they are alittle thin sounding but the clarity is awesome, something I have to get use to, and they seem to pull me into the music more so than the Paradigms did. I'm hoping with time they will sound a bit fuller. And Kevin was very helpfull and did an excellant job in shipping the speakers. I would definately do business with him again. If I did want a bit fuller sound, which Triangle would you recommend? I have to admit, one reason I chose these was because Stereophile Magazine rated them in their B Class.
My older brother was also in the Marines and served in Nam back in 68 and 69. Semper Fi! and Thanks, feel free to email me if you like, you sound like a good source. Krellm7 probably never had the balls to even think about joining the Military.
I think the way you spell it is Triangle, LOL amazing.
It Figures, only an Anal Ass would catch such an honest mistake.
Krellm 7
Thanks, you are providing us with some laughs of our own.
I've pointed out some of your own spelling errors here.
In your own words....

How could anyone possibly anwser ( answer )
this question. First the best speaker in the world is the one that YOU like best. I cant ( can't ) believe you purchased a speaker(speakers) without listing (listening) to them . And ( And? ) buying a ( a speakers? plural?) speakers from advice from audiogoners( Audiogoner's) (that is a good name for them) who may have never been to a live orchestra or a non amplified concert whao(who) knows if they have any hearing loss or completely different tast(taste) than you.(?) Or mabe(maybe)there(they are) kids(kid's) having fun with some poor sucker online(.)
I would never buy a car,house,clothes,food,wine or almost anything without at least checking them out first. Once

again the ignorance on these forums never cease to amaze me.
Thanks Shoe, I agree, but you know what they say, Ignorance is bliss! Krellm7 must be an extremely blissful person.
This is one great forum! And just keeps getting better! I really cant help but chime in. To Krellm7: If these forums are full of such ignorance, why do you bother wasting your time reading them? Oh, I guess it is just too humorous for you to stop? Do us all a favor, and stick to EBAY!
Back to the question at bay, speakers are like colors and everyone has their favs. Their are many,many good ones as well. One that fits the price, room and electronics well that has not been mentioned yet is the new Silver line from Monitor Audio-one of "the other" English companies that make GREAT speakers...That are affordable. I own the Gold's(a bit more expensive) with a B&K reciever but am getting ready to try an Arcam reciever as well...I think they truely compete with speakers that are much more expensive. (My last pair of speakers were Talon Khorus's (17k)....Just FYI
Thanks for your input Scott, I understand totally, Speakers are very like like beauty, all in the eye/ear of the beholder. It's just a matter of finding the one that pleases one the most. I will check out Monitor Audio's line, thanks for the tip.