This is probably the first time that a female trying hard to be in audio circa, is asking desperately of what speaker I can match with my Sunfire AMP (300 watts per channel and Sunfire tube pre-amp with kimber hero IC and kimber 8tc speaker cable.

Right now I am using NHT 2.5i and my boyfriend (who introduce me to this craze)is telling me all the time that my set up did not match the performance of my amp and pre-amp....pleeease help...
Roxy, babe; tell me who's paying. If he's paying I'll give you a "Great List".Hey,it's your stuff; Do you like it? Shure ain't Bose. NHT & Sunfire ain't chopped liver either. What price range you have in mind? I'm sure it's just a guy thing /we're all soooo smart. Heck, just go out and buy speakers 3xs better than whatever he has??? What's he got?
Gradient Revolutions have the reputation of being an excellent match with the Sunfire amp. There is a magazine reviewer for the Absolute Sound who uses this set-up as his reference. Personally I have not heard this combination, but I have heard the Revolutions at a friends house and they are excellent. They definitely like to be matched with high power/ high current solid state. They can be purchased new for around $4000 but used models go for around $1500 ... they are not easy to find used however. Good luck!
What kind of music do you listen to? Is this a two channel only system, or also meant to be used as a HT set-up? Budget for speakers? Any physical limitations in terms of placement? Jeff
Thanks for all your system is a stereo set up and my boyfriend system is a combination of KRELL MONO AND PRE-AMP with a matching PROAC on my budget is around $1500 for the speaker and I will pay for it not my boyfriend and my sound preference is jazz, blues and soft rock .