Best speaker that you dont need a sub under 1.5k

I would love some opinions on this...
no problem the vandy 2ce no other comes close
Eminent Technology LFT-8. $1599 RR, but who's counting?

Definitely needs some power, but WELL worth your time.
Soliloquy 6.3

I have a pair if you are interested.
NHT 2.9's or NHT 3.3 as already stated or if you are into rock and roll get some PSB Gold's.
I don't know about "best," but a good floorstander speaker I have heard that meets your criteria brand new is the Tyler Acoustics Freedom F-3 at $1450/pr. (gets down to 35hz)... A couple used floorstanders are the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home (this one is going to be tough to find for $1500/pr. used, but well worth it if you do) and Opera Audio Eric-3s (usually can be found in the $1200/pr. area used).

Totem model 1-sig monitors.

Dave, I wait to see Grand Pianos for $1500. They're all listed as "almost new" despite being in production quite a long time and every one of them sells in ~$2k range +-.
I should of put some more detail, but of course at night I was half asleep when typing. I have been a bias Dynaudio guy over the years, 1.3, 1.3SE, 1.4.... I was going to look at a floorstander. I listen to mainly rock and jazz. I loved my HSU VTF3 with the 1.3SE's... kickin setup, but I just hate making room for a sub. So I was thinking a floorstander would be better. Thanks for the input!

Forget it! I've never seen(heard) a speaker less than 10,000.00 that truly reproduced at a flat wide freq. response of say 30hz-25khz. Get a speaker that does from 38-40hz in the lows and up to 25Khz in the highs real well and keep your sub for that last little bit of bottom info.
Von Schweikert VR2's can be found at around $1500 used; VR4 Gen I's can be found for ~$1200; and VR 3's can be found (though more rare) for ~$700 (or less). I have the VR3s and the only down-side is their bulk, but if you really want a speaker that doesn't require a sub, bulk is a given.

I think you also need to consider what you mean by "no sub". I personally have never been satisfied with a "sub-less" speaker system not capable of flat response to 25Hz or less. There are many others who are completely satisfied with ~35Hz response. I'm sure it depends on your taste in music, as well as the room you're placing them in. This is a question you need to answer for yourself though.
I have a custom built hi-eff ribbon system with 12in fostex woofers 28hz-35khz $1500 shipping inc!!
Which amp are you using, and what kind of music do you listen to? How large is your room? That would be useful information to recommend any speaker to you.

Generally, I'd echo the NHT3.3 recommendation, but they do need power in spades to make them sing, and will require quite a bit of space. I would not use them in a smaller room as they'd likely overload the room with bass. In turn, setup correctly in a large space, and with the right amount of current, they will put out some of the deepest, tightest, well-integrated bass I've heard come from a pair of speakers.

Really starting to beat the dead horse here, but go with NHT. I only have the 2.5's, and even they have incredible bass. I can only imagine that something closer to $1,500 in the NHT line like the 3.3's would vibrate most of the hair off of your body.

I have to agree! Nothing below $10 K that I can think of that does this with a modest degree of accuracy at decent SPL levels. It depends what you want....many $1.5 K speakers produce these frequencies but to do so well is another matter altogether. I am of the camp that I'd rather do without that bottom octave than mess up the rest of the bass response with distortion.
Vandersteen 2Ce sigs. Hands down.
A well-known inexpensive speaker when stacked 4 to a side, and on their sides, produces bass sub 25 perfectly.