Best Speaker synergy with AudioReseach and Bryston

I have recently aquired an Audio Research SP9 MKIII and a Bryston 3B ST that so far has been a match made in heaven. I am running a pair of Monitor Audio MA800 golds and was curious if anyone has had similar combo or if they have found a combination that is so good it's tough to duplicate. I've always heard Vandy's are the best with AR, but want some real world feed back. I mainly listen to vinyl with the on board tubed preamp from the AR with a LOMC Erocia Goldring cart w/ 100k resistors. Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated.
I have two friends who are running SP-9's with Bryston amplification (one a 4B NRB the other a 4B-ST) they both use Von Swenkert loudspeakers with excellent results. The friend with the NRB uses VR-3's and the other uses VR-4's.
The solid-state Bryston and the hybrid SP9 mate very well in my experience. I had a Bryston 3B amp with my SP9, and then moved up to a Bryston 4BSST which I still have, and might always have. My speakers were Vandersteen 2Cs which gave a lovely, warm sound, very comforting and musical. However, I moved and needed a speaker with a smaller footprint so began a speaker search. I had never considered monitors until a dealer in Toronto let me hear PSB M2 Platinum series which blew me away. They worked very well with the Bryston-SP9 combo, adding enormous energy and life to my system. I no longer have the SP9 but the PSBs are belting out Patricia Barber as I write. I am now planning to upgrade, for some reason, but it will take a much more expensive speaker to beat the M2s. So PSB M2 Monitors, highly recommended and a great bargain.
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PMC speakers and Bryston are often recommended ... I really like the PMC OB1.

I have a friend that uses Von Schweikert with Bryston. It is a very nice match !
Thanks for the great responoses!! I will be doing some further research and let you know what I end up with. Thanks again guys!!