Best speaker stands for KEF R 300

In process of purchasing a pair of KEF R 300 speakers in black and need some recommendations. Obviously I am after the best value however also want best sound. Have been recommended do far

Dynaudio Stand 3x and stand 6.

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions
You'll get lots of recommendations for metal stands but I've always been a sucker for wood, especially maple. It's very hard and inert and in the right hands, can come out really eye catching.

I've just ordered some from Chris at that look something like sound anchors stands done up in maple. They won't need any sand, shot or birdseed to deaden them (due to the nature of metal ringing at various frequencies) and they weren't as expensive as I thought they'd be: cheaper in fact than the better made metal stands.

All the best,
You can't go wrong with the Dynaudio Stands! :)
Skylan has a stand built for the R300 and LS50. You can find them at Quest FOr Sound in PA. No relationship...other than a satisfied customer as I got my amp and R300s there. You can also go direct to Skylan which has the advantage right now in that he sells in Canadian $ which are about 25% lower than the US, i.e. you get a savings because of the US dollar strenght.
Check out Sanus they are a bargain. Take a look at you can get real good prices from them with free shipping.
Custom Designs FS104 Signature is what I'm using with my R300's.. They're a bit on the pricey side because of shipping cost from the UK, but I like them.