Best speaker stands for bookshelf speakers

Just bought a pair QUAD 12L's - what stands should I use?
If you can still find them around, I'd recommend the Osiris 24 inchers for around $250 - $300/pair. Retailed for close to $500 but company went under so you have the remaining stock floating around for a good price. Very sturdy and looks cool, not to mention that the performance is steller.
Plateau (canada) makes a GREAT take-off on the Targets called the v23, I believe. Can easily be had for $200 new.
Sand and shot fillable, and very attractive, too. I use 'em under my Spendor SP3/1Ps.
I'll second the Osiris. Good price. Very stylish.

Stands are critical. They are a true extension of your speaker. I use the Sistrum Mini Monitor platforms. State of the art sound. They are based on resonance transfer rather than absorbtion. Decoupling vs coupling. Check out my review of these babies in the archives; then call Robert at Star Sound Technologies, and he'll set you free.