Best speaker stand for PSB Synchrony 2?

Or whatever sort of isolation you would recommend. One point, I live in a condo that is a converted 83-year old apartment building with wooden floors that conduct sound quite nicely down to my neighbor's living room. Accordingly, what I am looking for here really *is* an isolation system, that would not only improve my listening experience, but also isolate from my musical tastes my poor downstairs neighbor, who is very generous not to have punched me out by now for the Stravinsky at midnight sessions. Enough said on that.
Two or Two B...The Two's are geared towards the bass, and they go quite deep.
Synchrony 2, not 2B. Floorstanding speakers.
I have the Two, it is a bit bass heavy. Try bring the speakers out a few feet
Yep, I have them about 7 or 8 feet from the front wall, 3.5 feet from the side walls, and for the reason you state. That certainly tamed the bass in my room, but I'm also looking for a good, solid (literally and figuratively) way to deal with (1) physical stability issues (83-year old wooden floors are not perfectly flat or level, as you might imagine) and (2) isolating my downstairs neighbor from the sound of my music, short of installing carpet.