Best speaker small/large for Belcanto 40

I have the Bel Canto Set 40 stereo tube amp and would like opinions on best match for monitor speaker or small floor standing speaker. Thanks.
I recently bought a Rogue Model 88 tube amp, and it actually has enough power for my small Maggie MMG's. They're only $500 factory direct, with a 60 day trial period. You'll never believe these only costed $500. Four years after I bought mine, I still love them. I have other speakers, but lately I've spent most of my time with the MMG, in a smallish converted bedroom. They work best if you have some acoustic treatment behind them. That way, you can have them about 3 feet out from the wall, the dipolar radiation is mostly absorbed, and the bass extension and bass/low mid dynamic contrast are very good. And of course, you have the sound that a planar speaker with quasi ribbons 3 and a half feet tall can give you...what a small point source speaker cannot. The size of instruments is realistic, and effortlessly smooth and fast. They'll need the whole 2 months to fully break in (and with a low power amp, it might take much longer to fully break in). But, you'll have a speaker so unique and so affordable, that you won't ever want or need to sell it later, no matter how your needs change. Always nice to have a little Maggie around, truly a faithful and handy companion to most any music lover.......................However, you need to be at least 6 or 7 feet from each speaker, so if very nearfield listening is what you need, then a monitor speaker is ideal. The Enigma Acoustique Oremus monitor speaker looks very intrigueing, but costs $1600....definitely will not be as good a value as the MMG. Good luck!
What is the website of the Enigma Acoustique Oremus, Carl? Thanks
ACI SApphire III! Factory direct, from Audio Concepts. You will have to spend good 2-3K, to get as quality speakers as these. Check also check AcI web-site. These speakers have been compared with B&W 801.