Best speaker new or used 2,000 for ROCK?

Speakers will be run from B&K AVR 202 which has 105 watts per channel. Will also be run with two Velodyne HGS-10 subs. I do venture once and awhile toward more docile music, so a versitile speaker would be ideal. I just don't want to end up with a speaker that is not well equipped to handle the type of music I listen to most of the time. Finally, any bi-wire cable recommendations? Thank you.
You know, the Hales speakers are a great rock speaker. that are no longer manufactured, but parts are available.

I owned a pair of Revelation 3s, and sold them about 6 months before Paul sold out.

Anyway, they're great speakers, as many, many owners on this site will attest.

As they are not manufactured any longer, and most of us audiophools are fickle regarding manufacturer support, they come up often for sale.

Also, check out NHT, good for the ##.

I would also suggest some B&W Nautilus 805s. I own a pair, and they are excellent speakers. Match PERFECTLY with REL subs (I think the Strata III is the one).

good luck
If you listen to rock then for most recordings you don't really want a very neutral speaker unless you tweak with the tone controls. I own a pair of N805s and they don't shine with rock although sometimes they surprise me.

I have listened to the B&W DM604s with built-in subs and they may be what you are looking for but since you own a pair of subs then the plain 604s should be fine.
I run some 805's with 100 watts of tube, and i rarely get above 11pm on the volume. Without a sub, they can bust you up. They are prone to Lou Reed.
Paradigm 100's or PSB Stratus Gold's.
Mackie Pro monitors. Active so they include amps inside the speaker. Look in yellow pages under "music" for pro audio dealers.
best speaker for rock
I'd like to second the recommendation for Paradigm Studio 100 and PSB Stratus Gold. Both speakers are great for rock music.
Second the vote for the Paradigm-100 or Stratus Golds. However, both deserve all the power you can give them.

For a lower price and a speaker that takes up less space, also look at the Dahlquist QX-10's or the Axiom M80Ti.
Find a pair of NHT 3.3's or 2.9's. If rock is what you want, these will rock with the best of them.