Best speaker match suggestions for ARCAM FMJ S/S

I am currently running Totem Arros with
* all ARCAM FMJ S/S gear (A-32integrated / CD-23 CDP / T-21 tuner);
* pair of 24ft runs of single (non-biwired)Totem Tress speaker cable & matched jumpers (I used to have Atlantis bi-wires in a shorter configuration); and
* ATLAS Navigator ICs
* entry-level power cords: Virtual Dynamics / Cardas /
* electronics sitting on a Mapleshade Samson audio equipment rack with Mapleshade Surefoot & Heavyfoot component footers.

After the house renos, the WAF dynamics now require that I set up the speakers lengthwise shooting in a LR (17'L x 13'W) that open in turn through partial walls into a DR of (13'L x 13'W)

THE PROBLEM: The sound is getting lost and probably I need to upgrade; probably starting with the speakers.

My Questions:

I do want to upfrade into better speakers in the $2000 -$3000 Audiogon range. I very much like Totem but would I do better for system synergies with British speakers? (e.g: Spendor, Neat, Harbeth, Linn, PMC/ others)

Can anyone comment on their personal ARCAM FMJ experiences with Totem or any of the above?

many thanks,
I recommend any Dynaudio speakers. They are perfect match with Arcam integrated.
I would recommend Spendor. I think Spendor midrange would match well with Arcam rather neutral presentation.l
Make sure you listen to Dynaudio, they are not for everyone's ears, The high end is a tad etched, bright. If you like that sound then thay are ok. I find them fatiguing.
hi there,
i've got an fmj a32 and an fmj 23t cdplayer running to psb m2 monitor speakers on dedicated stands in a similar room (lr is a little smaller 12x14 ft). They are awesome and front-ported so they can be closer to the wall.
Hi there...
I own the Arcam Diva CD92 cd player that uses the same Ring dac as your FMJ 23 player. I'm using a different electronic compliment than yours (yba, copland, etc) but I do have some experience with some of the British speakers. You have a great number of choices available to you including the Totem Forest, the Pro-Ac D15 Response, as well as a few of the Spendor models (s5e, s8e) that would all pair up very nicely with the Arcam electronics. If you buy from the used market, all of these speakers would be in your price range. I myself, went with the PMC OB1's, a beautiful full range speaker. I like your choice of interconnect; the Atlas Navigator is an exceptionally smooth performer! Speaker cable choice is also critical as well. I really like the Audience Au24's....very similar in tonal quality to the Atlas Navigator interconnect. I know you wanted to get new speakers, but you should also do some research on room acoustics; this may make a bigger sonic difference than a new pair of speakers!

* First I swapped the Arros for Totem Forests (BIG improvement)
* Second, I added an Arcam FMJ P35 amp in a vertical bi-amp set-up to the A35 integrated. (A32 to the tweeters and P35 to the woofers) with another ATLAS Navigator All-Cu IC connecting them;
* Next, I added ATLAS speaker cables to the woofers and retained the Totem Tress wires to the tweeters;
* Next, I replaced the Cardas Twinlink power cord and/or Virtual Dynamics Power 3 power cords (interchangeable alternatives) to the CDP with a custom-length ECOSSE Purple poer cable cord fitted with top-of-the line gold-plated FURUTECH IEC and male end.


The changes were done in stages with significant and demonstratable improvements at each step. I was suprised at the degree of improvement at the ECOSSE/Furutech power cable upgrade: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

My next tweaks on the wishlist:

* consider silver speaker wires for the tweeters and;
* Mapleshade speaker plinths (any experience out there?)
Great choice of speaker with the Totem Forests! Yes, power cords do make a HUGE difference, especially with sources. Perhaps you should consider upgrading power cords on your other equipment as well. I, personally, would not change the atlas speaker cables for silver ones (for the tweeters). Atlas makes a good product, and copper works very well with the Arcam equipment you have....but you can certainly give it a try and report back. As I mentioned in my previous post, I really like your choice of interconnect as well; the Navigator All-Cu's are smooth!

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for music listening, the forest speakers do not need a sub. if your sound is anemic sounding thru the forests, either you are not driving the speaker with the correct amount of power, or your source equipment is at fault. starting with the hawks on up, totem provides ample bass for 2 channel listening. for example, i now use totem mani 2's in my different rooms. when i first got them, i used a yamaha dsp receiver (140 claimed watts) to power a set of mani's for my ht setup. the sound was terrible. anemic, dull, etc... i had a pair of good quality monoblocks (around 150 watts) that i used to power another set of mani's for my 2 channel setup and the sound was totally different: very musical, big bottom end, and much faster sounding. with the other totems speakers i have owned in the past (model 1's, arros, in-walls), they thrived on a good quality amp with lots of power.

I sold my Totem Forests and swapped in Rega R9 speakers biamped with the same kit ....and WHOA ... what a HUGE step up in performance in every way.

I was stunned (pleasantly) along with my audiophile buddy witnesses.

THE POINT: system synergies are achieved ad-hoc through a podantic experimentation process.

2011 UPDATE: Finally sold the Totems (both the Forest and Arros) and replaced them with Rega R9s
- no regrets and in fact it was a welcome and significant upgrade