Best speaker match for Levinson system

Currently I have the following components in my system:
Levinson 33h amps
Levinson 32 pre
Levinson 360s DAC
Levinson 37 transport

I have B&W Nautilus 802's but am planning to move these to my home theater and will be looking for new speakers. My music tastes are diverse - Rock, Electronica, Jazz, Classical, etc. My listening room is large 28' X 24' X 10'. Generally I listen with a moderate volume, but occasionally I do enjoy cranking it. I'm wondering if you can share your opinions/experience on what you would consider to be the best speaker match for the above system.
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I have a similar system but with 436 amps and 31.5 transport and use Revel Salons. They are a great match and would work well with your large room. What kind of power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables do you use?
B&W N800's sound great with Levinson and would fill your large room.
Like Sgr, I would also recommend Revel products. The salons would be great, or the studio if the budget is a little tighter.
Definitely the Revel Salons!

I have a No. 23 Levinson Amp (200W/ch), and run the Revel Studios, and they sound great. (My room (and amp) is not large enough to support the Salon, but yours are, I think.)

I think, you should have sufficient power to run the Salons as you are using monoblocks, which are higher current than a single amp. I would definitely say you had enough if you had the 33's rather than the 33H's.
(Note: If you had the same power without the monoblock design, I don't think you would have enough power. You might want to demo them first to make sure though. I know the Salons like a lot of power, usually 300-400W/ch is the usual recommendation.)

Good Luck! You have a very nice system so far!
Im currently moving to all Valhalla interconnect and speaker cables (I have some transparent which I am moving to the AV system). Havent done anything yet in terms of power cables (again advie is appreciated). Has anyone heard anything about Wilson Watt/Puppy 7's or Sonus Faber Amati's with a Levinson setup?
I've never heard Levinson sound good on Wilson as the tonal balance is lean/dry in my opinion. I own Wilson Watt Puppy 7's. Also I have found that the Transparent has better synergy than Norst products with Wilson speakers.

Isn't Revel a sister company of Levinson? Therefore the matching synergy might be better.

Nice setup!
Cytocycle, you are correct, Levinson and Revel are part of Madrigal. I agree, that is probably where the good synergy comes from.
I've heard Wilson Sophia's with Levinson and it was exactly as Cytocycle described, lean/dry. I am also a WP 7 owner.

What was it about the 802's your looking to improve on? If you went with Wilson or Avalon products, which is what I'd do with your components, you's more than likely be looking at considerable room treatment to max their performance. These products are so revealing that they are a royal pain to deal with, but if you are willing to tweak your room they are magical.

I have a 335 and Wilson 5.1's and they are a fantastic combo. But, it's taken me years to dial in the system to this level of performance. The room is the great unknown and it took me forever to finally find the spot to make it all sing. The point is the better the system, and your stuff is state of the art, the more the room becomes an issue. I agree with Cytocycle on cables, Transparent or MIT are best with Wilson.

Now that I've said all that I'd still like to know what you feel is good and bad about the 802's so I could perhaps be more specific. B&W's are a bit more laid back than Wilson or Avalon and if you like the tonal balance of your 802's then larger B&W's or Revels might be the answer.
With my system I am using Dynaudio C2s and the do make great music. I just replaced interconnects from Nortost SPM to the CZ Gels (Balance) and which made a BIG difference. I ‘m using Virtual Dynamics Nite PCs on my Pre Amp, amp and CD Player.

The biggest problem I have right now is which speaker wire will work best with my setup, the Nordost SPM is not doing it.
Based on your equipment I know from personal exeprience that the Revel Salons would mate seamlessly well with the 33H's. I have extensively auditioned the Salons with the 33H's and was so impressed that I purchased a pair of these monoblocks to mate with my Salons. Initially, I thought that the 33H's might not be strong enough to effectively drive the Salons, but boy, was I wrong. It is important to note that I do not listen to music at ear bleeding levels. However, I have been known to rattle the roof a little. And in my experience the 33H's were the "end all" for my Salons.