Best Speaker match for a Linn Majik-I and Mimik II

I am interested in your opinions on which speakers would mate best with this setup. I am considering Thiel CS.5 but I am not sure the Majik has enough power to drive them. I had a Majik and Quad 12Ls before and that sounded good, but I wonder if there are speakers are better.

Every time people come in and hear the Linn Majik
with the Vandersteen 2CE SigII they cant belive the speaker is under 2500 bucks most folks say I thought they were at least 6 K listen to the latest version with the Patented Midrange
and see if you get it.
Best John
Just as clarification, My Linn Majik is the older 33wpc integrated amp.
Linn Tukans if you can find them.
Otherwise Linn Katans. Can't beat that synergy.
I think Thiels would not be the best choice with the Majik.
Any thoughts on Pro ac tablettes? either the 50 or the 2000? Can the Majik drive them?
Well I have decided to go with Silverline SR15s. I will let you know how that turns out. I have been known to get the toob bug, and if I come down with that affliction again, these speakers will be able to stay and sound good. 8ohm 90db efficiency should work with nearly any amp.

Linn speakers are difficult to come by, and the aktiv cards for them are even harder!