Best speaker in the $4-6k range.

I am trying to find a speaker that will work well with my KRELL components. I am currently using a pair of B&W N-803's and they tend to be a bit fatiguing at times.

Essentially, what I would like to find is a pair capable of handeling high spl's (much like my previous N-802s), but, with a more liquid upper midrange and sweeter less glaring highs. Used is Okay.

My room is 14'6' by 22' and is open to the dinning room kitchen area on one side with 8'cellings.

By any chance Dynaudio Contour 3.3s or Talon Audio Korus meet my criteria?

Thanks in advance,


I have a feeling your speakers aren't to blame on the fatiguing sound but the Krell gear- from all of my experience with B&W they may not be the perfect speaker but they aren't fatiguing compared to any krell gear I have listened to which always seems to be fatiguing. Your not using silver interconnects or speaker cables are you? if so start there(in particular with the gear your using).
damon..tireguy has a good case that isn't the problem you might consider a pair of used piega p-10 speakers. they can handle anything and with the ribbon mid and tweeter will give you the most beautiful mids and highs you can imagine plus a bass that is true down to 19hz +/- 2bd.there are a couple on audiogon at this time,i think.
I'm with Tireguy on the Krell gear. But I'm also not much of a B&W speaker fan.

Nevertheless, I believe you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal in your price range than the Aerial Acoustic 10T speakers. The 10T's are an excellent bargain used in the $3100 to $4500 range (retail is about $7200 to $8500).

The more amplification you throw at the 10T's, the more they sing. After about 11 years of production, the 10T's were just retired about 3 months ago and new 20T has replaced it as Aerial's flagship speaker.

I have read numerous times in the past where owners claimed the 10T's and Krell's bigger amps have made for a great combo.

Well, a few different opinions already. As for me, I like Krell and don't care for B&W. As far as speakers I like in that price range: boxes; Dunlavy SC lV A, Panels; Maggie 3.6's. Good luck.
I use the krell 2250 amp with gershman rx 20's, it is a great match, detailed but very smooth,also very natural and tight bass, I have also used krell with aerial 8B's which is also a great match, beware of krell bashers, as soon as they hear the word krell they have to respond, I have tried other other amps, but have always returned to krell, good luck
Shahinian Obelisk- non fatiguing, deep bass, can play loud and sounds like real music. Haven't heard the Aerials but suspect they would be good. If you didn't need high spl's I would have said Quad 988's. They blow the B&W's away.
What Krell electronics are you using?

Dynaudio is a very nice match with Krell. I haven't heard the new Contour series (just released), but have the 3.0's paired with an FPB-200c in my system. Your room is just a hair bigger than mine and has an open wall, so you might prefer the 3.3's. You might also look at a pair of the 25th Anniversary SE monitors - they're about $5500 with the stands and are outstanding.
Kthomas, I am running a KCT and a KAV 250p. I am also using a Marantz SA-14 for my front end.
I hate to say, I recently bought a pair of Krell 350M's to push the Nautilus 801's I have. VERY bad combo, the B&W's actually sound quite bad. I kept the amps in line, swaped out to the Energy Veritas 1.8s, and big difference, a nice improvement. Now, I am still not mad about the Krell amps!
I am using a Cal Audio MCA-2500 which is phenomenal in 2 channel for a 5 channel amp!! I am selling the 350M's and am going to try the McIntosh MC-1000's. If they don't do the trick, away they go, away the 801's go, and back to ole' faithful, the MCA-2500 with the Veritas 1.8s!

Stehno is right, Aerial 10Ts, Energy Veritas 2.8 (or 1.8) are the best speaker, IMO, shy of the Dunlavy SC-IV.

Harbeth Monitor 40s around $4.5k used, here at Audiogon.
Vienna Acoustics Strauss (the model slightly smaller than the Mahler). Vandersteen 3s. All brilliant, all non-fatiguing. Or toss the SS amp and switch to tubes.
Sonus Faber pairs well with Krell. I've seen used Extrema's on this site in that price range, they would sound great.
You could save a bit and try the Revel F30, or the F50 for more slam. The B&W's hot tweeters are probably NOT a good match with Krells, I concur. The Aeriel 7b, 8 and 10t are all good bets, but I prefer the smoother mids of the Revel.
Take a peek at room treatment to reduce low-treble fatigue, too. Have fun.
I agree with subaruguru on the revel's over the aerial's. There are many speakers out there that are more musical than the aerials for less money. If you are going to keep the krell, listen to the revel, totem, sonus faber, and joseph line of speakers, all very musical and highly rated.
What cables are you using? I have heard to stay away from silver cables with Krell. Are there any room acoustics in place? Even the best system in an untreated room equals mediocre at best. I have N802 with Krell and they are hardly bright at all, just very real and musical. Good luck.
The new Von Schweikert VR4SE at $6K, no contest.
I would say the best route for you to go is to try a new cable. What are you using now? Try to find a dealer that will let you do some in home demos. Also check out the lending library. I am not a big Krell fan I always felt they were a little krisp wjich may be a bi product of speed. Try a laid back cable before you plunge into new speakers.
I was using a pair of B&W 804 and had similar fatiguing experiences. It was hard for me to listen for more than 30 minutes. After 8 months I decided to part with my 804's and purchased Dyn's 3.3. The Dyn's seems to perform better with my existing components. Hopefully, it will do the same for you. I have to mentioned that the Dyn's really opens up when you're feeding it with lots of current!
Duntech is my choice if I have $4-6k range. Check out their website, read their technology, test, and question & answer so you could understand more about choice and how to pick good speakers outthere. Gemstone line is perfect, Opal are the one that I had a chance to audition. Their line of speakers are well beat B&W on performance. I agree with other audiophiles about cables. Do a research about cables first. Good luck.