best speaker in a small room in the $2000.00 range

I know this is a mater of taste but I wanted to hear some suggestions. My room is small...11x14 with wall to wall carpet. I don't listen to rap or heavy metal. I lean towards vinyl over cd's....I have a Mcintosh 2205 amp and a Mcintosh mx117 with a VPI Scout/Benz Micro glider as a frount end.....any thoughts? I have Paradigm studio 80's rev 1 right now and want to inprove on that.
thanks, Dean
I still love to suggest Green Mountain Callisto for a small speaker and your music taste, but I am just speaking from hearing is an amazing speaker and one you may be able to get used for your price.
I would think with Mac gear the Merlin monitor would be awesome!
Totem Sttaf, excellent in that size of room, and nice small footprint, yet good bass extension. They will occupy less space than any stand mount monitor you can find to come close.
Give the ACI Sapphires a try. The offer a moneyback guarantee
Stirling Broadcast LS3/5A V2!
Perfect for what you're looking for.
I just picked up a pair of Proac One SC's and they are amazing. You should definitely check these out.
You might audition the Dynaudio Focus 140 if there is a dealer in your area. It just got an excellent review in the current issue of Stereophile.

I have also been impressed with the Paradigm Signature S2. You currently own a pair of Paradigms, so you know their general reputation. The "Signature" series is a step up in performance and is relatively small in size. Here are a couple of links to reviews:
Try the Tyler Ref monitors. Front ported so you can place near the wall. They are revealing of any equipment placed upstream but can sound "reference quality" in a small room.
May find used on Agon for $1000 or less.
These are all good ideas...I forgot to clarify...I would probably buy the dollar amount for a new set could be higher...maybe the 2500.00 to 4000.00 range???
Does this change any suggestions??
I enjoyed ProAc Response 1SCs in my 12'x14' room for many years. Now I am using the floorstanding ProAc Response 2.5s. Both good!
Merlin TSM-MM are just what you need. You will never need another speaker
Currently, there is Audiogon ad asking $1300 for Platinum Audio Reference 1, including matching stands. Able to be driven by your amp, and is a very special bargain at this price.
The list prices up at $4400 before the company folded its tent, and the designer moved to live and work in China, some years back.
proac 1sc --lovely on that small room!!!
DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 3.
If you are considering the Merlins, as I would recommend you do, the TSM-MX are the way to go.
Someone moving up to VSM-MX floorstanders just listed a pair in a beautiful champagne finish. Cheers,
You could stretch your budget a little and get Totem Hawks. They are a little more refined than the Sttaf. I have a similar room. I upgraded from Paradigm 60V2s.
How about a 2 way or 2.5 from Tyler/used. Maybe a tad more than 2K.
What don't you like about the Paradigms and what are you looking to achive?
Hi Perkadin....The Paradigms are not bad. I would most like to see a much better sound stage. In my mind they do not do a great job at disapearing in the room. I like the sound of electrostatics for that reason but with my room...well...that I think is the problem. That being said, I rent so buying to fit this room may not be the smartest thing either. My job moves me a lot and who knows my next place may have a much larger room. Its a tough you buy to fit a temporary place or buy what you want and hope one day you find the right room???
You don't want to BLAST them to sound ALIVE!
How about a pair of speakers that can sound
alive and lively at a volume level of only 70db's.
Energy Veritas 2.3i's. A little over $2000 new, but can be had at this price or less used.
Zerius, Antal etc. These are very efficient and sound extremely good. The Antal's are flat to 45hz - but don't let that throw you. I have the Celius (next model up) which are flat rated to 43hz. However - in room I am flat to 35hz and only 3db down at 30hz. Too many people ignore the room and buy a speaker that is flat below 40hz and wind up with a boomy mess. I learned that the hard way. The only time one should get a speaker flat below that is if the room isvery large or it is load with room treatments - traps etc