Best Speaker for Wall Placement?

Hello! I'm moving to a new house, and will be setting up a second system in the new living room. The room itself is 14' wide and 25' long. It is rectangular. Unfortunately, I will need to listen across the short axis. Also, due to the layout of the room, I will be wanting speakers that work well when positioned against the wall. The speakers don't have to be small, I could even consider some LaScalas or something.

Does anyone have experience with speakers that work well when placed right against the wall?

Thanks in advance and happy listening!
Oh those strange Britons designing such speakers,like Naims.
klipsch cornwalls, heresys, or la scalas
Some older Linn speakers. All Audio Note. Allison. These are just designed to be placed close to the wall. Others are just near wall placement friendly (Zu Definitions). There are several threads that deal with this issue in depth.
you can look at my system and my speakers are close to the wall i just took care of the first reflection and have had no problem
North Creek speakers are specifically designed to go against the wall.
Thanks for the responses! I'm leaning towards Klipsch because I also want to experiment with lower power tube amps.

I hadn't thought of the old Linn stuff. Bricks perhaps?
Have you considered in-walls?
check out the Walla Walla Wall of Sound from Lovecraft Designs (formerly Cain and Cain to Terry Cain's passing). High efficiency, designed by Gordon Rankin of Wavelength Audio and placed flush against a wall. The speakers are WIDE but very shallow (about 3ft wide but only 8" deep. There is a pic in the products section of the Lovecraft Designs website.

Good luck!

You should check out the Guru QM10's. I heard them at RMAF and they sounded great. They are designed to be placed against the wall.
If price is not a factor(it wasn't mentioned),the Wilson Duettes are designed for this very situation - difficult rooms and/or right up against a wall.
Classical1, yes, I should have mentioned price. It will be my second system, so I'd like to keep the price below $2k. Right now I'm digging the idea of Cornwalls, but the Walla speakers that Jrinkerptdnet describes sound cool... albeit probably out of my price range.

The house has plaster walls, so I'd like to avoid in-wall speakers.

For my main system, I'll be using Electrostats. I'm a direct drive Acoustat freak, so I'll be putting all my best electronics in that system... which will be located in a much more suitable room.
GURU QM10s - definately. Check out Stereophile HE2007 and RMAF show reports. They are designed to be placed against the wall.