Best speaker for vocals

I asked before about the 803d vs the Martin Logan Spire but my question should have been what is the best speaker for vocals? I have Klipsch RF-7s and they have a great lively sound but I do feel like the midrange is a bit hollow at times. What are opinions on a speaker that is known for its midrange? I listen to David Gray, Avett Brothers, Ben Harper, etc. I want the most realistic vocals. I have read that Harbeth Super HL5 may be the ticket but it is not full range and there is no matching center.
Salk Sound. Every speaker is built for the best possible mid-range. The HT3 has an F3 of 29hz.
Full range electrostatics, particularly the larger Sound Labs, do this best. The range of the human voice is such that having absolute coherence (the entire sound coming from one driver) is extremely important for realism. Full range electrostatic speakers (not hybrids) are unequaled in this respect.
I love the way vocals sound on the Ridge Street Sason's
Try Sonus Faber

Cremona M

Guarneri Memento
Cremona Auditor