Best speaker for the Spectral DMA 360 series 2 amp

I'm considering the Magnepan 20.7 or 20.1, Aerial 20T, or Wilson Watt 7.. My music is mainly jazz, classical and blues with a variety of others but not much of a rock n roller..
My listening space has a 18-20ft ceiling height and is about 19x30 with 4 large windows. Some room treatment as well.. The room is an open floor plan and opens into the rest of the house. The room size has a Tendency to swallow up the bass leaving the sound some what lean. At least that was the case with the avalons I had. Other electronics had the same problems. Of the above speakers which give me the best bang for the buck. You opinions as alway are greatly appreciated
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Why do you just want Watts and no Puppys, in view of your thoughts about missing bass? I think the Maggies will need sufficiently powerful amps to do the trick and sound quite a bit differently than most box speakers. That said I have been blown away at times by the Wilson speakers. What have you heard yourself?
I meant the puppy's as well m.y mistake. I haven't heard them since I don't have a dealer close by. I had a spectral dealer tell me the Maggie was the best bang for buck but he doesn't sell Wilson. He also states the 360s are plenty of power.. I wonder if anyone has personnel experience with that combo. If I went with the watt puppy's it would have to be an older pair..
One of the best sounds I've heard is spectral and watt puppy 7 it was at a trade show but wow what a clean sound. If you like a clean tight sound this is it. I have the same issues with bass in my room and had all kinds of big speakers in there and never really filled out the bottom. I've also had Maggie 3.6 and its quite a different sound much more wooly amd not as defined or sharp.
I think you're going about it wrong and you'll most likely not achieve the great results your equipment is capable of delivering. As a rule you should match your speaker to the room and then match an amp to the speaker. Unless you listen in the near field, your room will tend to "swallow up" most direct radiating speakers. I think that's what you experienced with your Avalons. This problem won't go away with any of the smaller Wilson speakers. You need a speaker that can move large amounts of air from the midrange down into the deep bass. Very few direct radiating speakers can do that. You should consider the Zu Definitions, JBL Synthesis or something from Classic Audio Reproduction.
You say "very few direct radiating". Do you think larger panels would be better for the room?
Also just keep in mind I'm looking for the best bang for the buck for this room even tho I may not be able to afford the ideal.
I have no idea how Magneplanars would work in your room.

The Zu Defs are a little over $10k, while the JBL Synthesis and CARs are closer to $20k. The most cost effective solution would be to pick up a pair of vintage Altec VOTT type loudspeakers and refurb them. They are specifically designed to work in the large spaces. A decent condition used pair and the cost of refurbishment might run around $4k. There's a story in the current Stereophile about getting Altecs to work at their best.
Magnepan or dynamic speakers? There is a huge difference in presentation between these vastly different speaker types. This is one decision you should make before going forward.

For years Spectral teamed with Avalon Acoustics and MIT cable. I believe they called the system 2C3D or two channel three dimensional sound.
Of the speakers you mention, the Aerial is probably the most bass heavy. That may be the best match for your room. For your amp, though, you may want to consider some other options. Here's a few things that may work well with your amp and your room: Vandersteen 3's and a pair of their subs, Martin Logan Cls's and a pair of subs (I've heard them several times with Kinergetics Research subs and they sounded great but I don't know if they are still made), and a pair of Genesis (I forget the model but they were around $15000. They look like a pair of Watt/Puppies but they have powered subs. I heard them in a room like yours and they sounded very good.)
Thanks! I do like panels, imaging and sound staging are important as well. I heard the big Soundlabs once and was blown away. I really like the low level detail.
However it was in a small room compared to mine and I don't know how spectral would match up. I could change the amps if I need to.
I have heard the soundlabs, though with non-Spectral amplification and they sounded superb. The best system I have ever heard happened to be a fully Spectral /MIT syst in a moderately large room and Avalon Eidolons as the speakers. I run Spectral/MIT w/Eggleston Andras w/ very good results. Have you heard/ considered Egglestons before? Obviously your specific room will come into play, but, in my system at least, the andras plumb the depths w/ their dual 12" dynaudio drivers (+esotar tweeter) and can move some serious air, while managing to be pitch coherent, engaging and hollographic in my system, for what its worth. Happy listening and best of luck in your search.