Best speaker for small room?

Hi, looking at different speaker systems that would work in a small (10'X10') listening room. I want something tonally accurate that image really well. Can be full range or small as I can add a small sub if need be. I've been considering single driver speakers (although I've never owned a pair), monitors, and floorstanders. My associated components are a McIntosh MC-7300, Juicy Music Peach Tube Preamp, and a Denon DVD-2930ci (for CD and SACD playback). Any suggestions on the speakers? I'm looking preowned $1500 or less.
Go proac, on stands.
The smaller Paradigms are very good values.

You won't need to spend $1500 as well.
Vienna Acoustic Hayden's
Dali Helicon 300
In my small bedroom system (9x12) I tried Dynaudio Audience (very good); then Vienna Acoustic Haydn Grand (better yet); then Totem Model 1 Signature (very satisfied, no longer looking for anything else).
Go for Gallo 3.1 for your room size and budget
Yep, Gallo Ref.3 will fit the bill VERY nicely...

If you can try the Dynaudio Focus 140's. I just purchased these for my small room 11 x 15. Great speaker.
Omega Super Hemp, Usher Be, M&D new higher db. version, GMA monitors , Zu Tones.
All in or just above your target mark.

I am about to get new M&D minis for my second system powered with Red Wine Audio sig.30 amp. with volume control , Consonance Droplet CDP for now and possibly adding modded Peachtree preamp with Sonos later.

Above mentioned speakers are all excellent , it is just a matter of taste and synergy with your components.
Zu and Omegas are very easy to drive and sound great with SET and low power amps. GMA and M&D need a little more power.
I will drive the minis with only 30 wpc wich IMO is minimum for avg. listening level sesions. If I could , I would like to feed them with more(something like 60-100wpc)power but in my case it is more about the quality then quantity for low volume listening.YMMV

I would also like to suggest that you give Bob Backert a call. I have just finish talking to Steve from QFS about the potentials of Decco "wonder" preamp/integrated. We agreed that it would make wonderful mod piece that could be compared to a lot more expensive preamp/integrated amps out there after Bob's magic touch.
Take a look at Sequerra Met 7 or Reference 3A MM DeCapo.
Listen to the QUAD 12L Speakers.
harbeth HLP3 es 2s
I appreciate all the responses so far and have a few things to research. Regarding the Gallos, I definitely agree, they are great speakers. In fact that is what I have in my main system with the SA amp and Gallo Center. But I'm thinking of something different for my two channel room.
With all of the power your amp has why not try a pair of Magnepan MG 12
Cheers John
Paradigm Studio Monitors, Epos 12.2s, ATC 7s
I have Ohm MicroWalsh Talls in a small room. It's hard to get good imaging for more than one listening position in a little room, but these do the job. You wont be able to spend all your money as they're under $1K in several choices of finish.
But save $4 to buy two pavers at the garden center to stand the speakers on to perfect the bass if your room is carpeted.
I recommend Silverline Audio Preludes (floorstanders), Minuets or LCR's (monitors)...midrange is is bass response...with easy to drive 8ohm design...

Disclaimer: I do rep for Silverline Audio...
one of the best combos i ever had was a pair of spendor ls3/5's with an mc7300....i suspect the stirling ls3/5 would sound great too.
MAGICO MINI 2 should work great they are the best not cheap but the Rolls Royce of small speakers.