Best speaker for small 12x14 room 50 WPC tube amp

I had Spica TC-50's in this room but got no bass out of them; I switched to Klipsch RB 5-II's and got some bass if they were closer to the wall but lost any depth of soundstage.

I wondered whether a Klipsch RB-75 would do better than the RB 5-II overall, and whether they would need a subwoofer (as my amp has a sub output) as they are front ported instead of rear ported.

What would a pair of Klipsch RF-5's or RF-7's do in such a small room? I listen to jazz and vocals. I don't like the Klipsch speakers that are not real wood veneer. The RF-35 & RF-82 are vinyl covered.

The Klipsch forum attracts mainly fanatics and I have been unable to get a straight, helpful answer there.
Which amp are you using, and what's your budget?
I run a pair of modified (DeanG crossovers) Heresys with my EL84 SET amp. I have them in corners of a 13.5' x 13' room on 13" stands and towed in at 45 degrees. They sound great and you don't even know they are playing. Imaging and soundstaging is excellent. But for my tastes they still don't put out enough bass. I have to use a subwoofer with them to get that low bass.

In my 24' x 16' bedroom I am using a pair of KEF C75s with my 60 watt EL34 PP amp. These speakers do bass very well. They remind me of Heresys but with bass. They are suprisingly small and don't mind being close to walls. They are also cheap (usually in the low $200 range). They also play loud, like the Heresys, if that is important to you.

Good luck with your search.
What would be a good sub to use in small room? The Klipsch reference line is really expensive. They have all different sizes and I do not know anything about these.