Best speaker for small 12x14 room 50 WPC tube amp

I had Spica TC-50's in this room but got no bass out of them; I switched to Klipsch RB 5-II's and got some bass if they were closer to the wall but lost any depth of soundstage.

I wondered whether a Klipsch RB-75 would do better than the RB 5-II overall, and whether they would need a subwoofer (as my amp has a sub output) as they are front ported instead of rear ported.

What would a pair of Klipsch RF-5's or RF-7's do in such a small room? I listen to jazz and vocals. I don't like the Klipsch speakers that are not real wood veneer. The RF-35 & RF-82 are vinyl covered.

The Klipsch forum attracts mainly fanatics and I have been unable to get a straight, helpful answer there.
i have had dahlquist 10's and acoustat 3's in the same size room. Very different speakers but both sound better and have a nicer soundstage against the long wall. The 3's lack depth in this small room BUT the mid-bass is very detailed. The 10's have great width and depth but no mid-bass punch. I may try something else in the near future. Just wanted to provide input.
Gave up Cornwalls and Hereseys for Coincident Conquests. For monitors try the Truimph.
How would Von Schweikert Monitors do with a subwoofer?
Rivieraranch - I was just going to recommend to try the von schweikert monitors with a smaller sub, but you beat me to it. I really doubt you'd be disappointed. Try and find a used REL Strata III and you're in business with the VS VR1s.
I too have the De Capo i's in a 10' X 10' room with a 40w
tube amp .
While they do go nicely down to @40hz , I really don't think that they could compare to the Heritage series from Klipsh in the base department .
Don't get me wrong here , I really do like the De Capo i's and they are quite a bit smaller than the Klipsh's . But if he is looking for deep base I think that the Heritage series is the way to go , if you have the space .

Heli_dog ; I auditioned the DE Capo i's with a SS amp containing a tube buffer (Cary) didn't like it . I then tried a tubed integrated and really liked them a lot . The De Capo's , like the Heritage series , 'really' like tubes , as you already know . If you get the 'bug', you may want to move to all tubes . Just a thought . YMMV