Best speaker for small 12x14 room 50 WPC tube amp

I had Spica TC-50's in this room but got no bass out of them; I switched to Klipsch RB 5-II's and got some bass if they were closer to the wall but lost any depth of soundstage.

I wondered whether a Klipsch RB-75 would do better than the RB 5-II overall, and whether they would need a subwoofer (as my amp has a sub output) as they are front ported instead of rear ported.

What would a pair of Klipsch RF-5's or RF-7's do in such a small room? I listen to jazz and vocals. I don't like the Klipsch speakers that are not real wood veneer. The RF-35 & RF-82 are vinyl covered.

The Klipsch forum attracts mainly fanatics and I have been unable to get a straight, helpful answer there.

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How would Von Schweikert Monitors do with a subwoofer?
What would be a good sub to use in small room? The Klipsch reference line is really expensive. They have all different sizes and I do not know anything about these.