Best speaker for rock music

What is a great, reasonably priced speaker/studio monitor that will really excel on rock/dance/techno? I would imagine this same type of system would also sound great for home theater. I have a small to medium size room, 15' x 13' with cathedral ceilings. I already have a nice audiophile rig but it has the familiar problems with most compressed rock and techno recordings. Thanks, Mike
i highly recommend avalon's latest, the symbol. i have heard these now in about a half-dozen setups, the two latest at ces. my older son is awaiting delivery of a pair. he's an internet/radio consultant and listens to all kinds of stuff (except classical); it all sounds real good on the symbols. it you care for more info, send me a private email. and, no, i'm not affiliated with avalon, tho i've owned 3 pair of their speakers, currently running eidolons (which also sound fabulous with rock sources, BTW).
check out the soliloquy 5.0 ,,or 6.3 the y are fantastic with rock check out our dealer store on audiogon good listening stephen
Come on, only Klipsch horns will rock you!
Thank You Estrnad. MODIFIED Klipsch's will give you the most bang for the buck in this area with nothing else coming close. They are efficient, dynamic, punchy and can be DRASTICALLY smoothed out with with a little work. The older models like the Heresy's, Cornwall's, La Scala's, Belle's and K-Horns with some elbow grease and TLC will keep up with anything out there for WAY less money. My personal preference for something like this would be stacked Heresy's with dual subs. If your handy and shop around, you could do this for under $1000. Sean >
Klipsch is a good choice for rock. If you don't like the horn, then check out Paradigm, either Monitor or Reference models depending on your budget and taste. My choice would be Reference 40 (plus a sub from either Rel -- if you can afford it -- or Monitor Audio) which would give a bit more moderation in higher frequency and presentation. Go with Monitor series if you want "let it all hang out" presentation. JBL studio pro's are good for rock/dance as well -- perhaps the best value and my choice without a sub -- though you may be better off with Paradigm monitors and a sub considering the room size. I can't say the ones I mentioned are the best speakers for rock; but, you will get bangs for buck... Go Vikes!!!!
The Dynaudio Contour 1.1 - about $1K used, fairly small monitor, awesome sound with remarkable low end considering their size. I have them in my office and the Contour 3.0's in my main system with is both music and HT. Only drawback is they definitely want some power behind them - 100 stout watt/ch minimum.
I second the opinion of Cornfedboy. The Avalon's are the best I have heard with all types of music, and rock is no exception. They do it all, soundstage, detail, accurate, powerful bass, realism, and a touch of magic. All the better if you have good gear.
I owned a pair of Paradigm Ref Studio 60's for a couple of years. They were great for rock. Especially with a large, good quality solid state amp. They're worth checking out. Good luck.
NHT 2.5i is another option.
Rmml: Doesn't Cory Greenburg love the bigger NHT? The 3.3?
Nestorovics - Check them out at this site: I don't have a pair yet, but I'm saving. Best rock speaker I've heard at any price. The sound defies thier looks. Made in Seattle, I don't know how popular they are in the east yet. Has anyone else heard them?
How do you modify Klipsch speakers? I own Klipsch Chorus II's and the Midrange can get very harsh sounding!!! Any help is greatly appreciated. Eddie
Thanks for all the good responses. The Klipsch recommendations really hit home since my first foray into the audiophile game was a pair of Epic CF-2's and they did absolutely rock the house although they weren't the most refined things in the world. What type of modifications will help cure their weaknesses? I also have heard wonderful things about the Avalons, but aren't those bad boys rather pricey? Mike,I think you're right, Cory Greenburg likes the NHT 3.3 but Zenaudio's room seems to be midsize, so the 2.5i I think will be good for it. Now I'm using my 2.5i's on my hometheater setup. A very nice all around speaker.
zenaudio: the avalon symbols are $3k, IMHO a quite reasonable price given their performance. it's the big bad boys at avalon that get pricey. ;~)
You should also check out Genelec Active/Powered monitors. While not cheap, these speakers can sustain very high spl's and at the same time remain very true to the source. Put a serious preamp and cables in front of these guys and you're set.
Cornfed: I can't even find the Symbols on their webpage. Are these really new? Mike
Avalon's webiste is perpetually out of date is just all around lame-o.
Well, do they have any California dealers south of San Jose? Heck, might as well drive to Boulder. Mike
I don't want to start another thread within this one. Email me for a list of notes that i've accumulated from modding more than a few sets of their older series of speakers. Sean >
There's only one option. Definitive Technology's BP2000TL's. They sound as good as Martin Logans, but have enough bass to rock your world. They're bipolar, they have a 15" sub w/500watt amp in each speaker. Soundstage is amazing. There isn't a better set of speakers in this price range nor for even twice the price.
I have to ditto the Avalons. I just got a pair of the Opus, and can't believe how good it sounds with all music. Extremely musical with the punch to rock.