Best Speaker for Ongaku

Finally purchased my dream amp, a Kondo Ongaku.
Looking for a suitable efficient speaker match for a
small-medium size room.

Some speakers I'm currently considering include ANJ's, smaller Proacs
etc. Can't use horns or large box speakers due to size limitations.
When you decided to buy this incredible special amplifier which speakers were used to audition it. If you bought it based on reviews, then which speakers did the reviewers use. Indeed you could simply search the many reviews for examples of excellent synergy with this amp.
Doesn't Audio Note make speakers too? (I thought Kondo was the new name for AN Japan?)
I would talk to Neli at Audio Federation. They have an Ongaku and will have experimented with many different combinations. However I don't think you could go wrong with Audio Note speakers as long as you have symmetrical corners in your room. They were made to go together.
Living Voice speakers such as the top model OBX-RW.

Apparently the Living Voice OBX-RW model is voiced to Kondo amps. 6-moons reviewer Edward Barker has auditioned these speakers with Kondo amps and considers the combo the best he has heard.
Budget, size of room and music preference?
right here on A'gon : Yamamura Churchill Dionisio 32 ....
Yamamura is great speaker but unfortunately too large for my room ( 7mx4.5m).
Hi Jzach,I would suggest the Teresonic - "Ingenium Silver" these are the best Lowther based speakers that I have ever heard. Go to the Dagogo website and read the review.
Good Luck, Tish
hi Jzach, congrats on acquiring yr dream amps.

you wouldn't necessarily hv to use a pair of higher efficiency speakers if yr room isn't that big (although there are still benefits in doing so). however, i/o making wild speaker suggestions w/out understanding yr tastes/limitations/etc., i suggest you try better tubes on yr Ongaku to maximize them.

good GZ34 rectifier tubes makes a noticeable improvement across the board (metal base Philips Miniwatt are the best i've tried. they are sometimes aval. on ebay, but aren't cheap).

selection of input tubes (5687 & 6072) will depend on room/associated components/tastes. as for output tubes (211), i've found RCA superior to GE (more detail & delicacy).

good luck & enjoy yr Ongaku.
OK, too big.... then I would look at Ocellia speakers....
Appreciate feedback. Will be looking at upgrading the valves.
Also will be looking at Ocellia's which look interesting as well
as Audio Note ANJ's.
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