best speaker for nagra

I´m looking for a good speakers for my system which is
-Nagra PL_P
-Classe CAM350
-Nagra CDP
-Avid Accutus Reference with the Dynavector 507, Dynavector XV1 and the Nagra VPS
-Interconections are Element black widow 47 and power cords are Sunyata and Cardas reference in a Vibex statement .
Speakers are Monitor Audio GR60
Obviously speakers are not in the same level of the rest. I´m changing my music rooom and i think it is time to change.
Candidates are Wilson audio wattt Puppy 8 (They are cheap now and i think not so down of Sasha) and Consensus Audio conspiracy....
I would like to know something about Magico V3 agaisnt the others and alternatives
Do you think my classe could run a Hansen KIng or an Isis
Another alternatives?

Thank you very much for your time

Hi, I have a Nagra PLL and VPS. I owned WP8's before my Maxx 3's. I think you have the best choice already :)

The Magico's, Hansen's, Wilson's are all great. I don't think you'll go wrong with any of these. I do think that special resolution and tonality of the Nagra is a super match with Wilsons...

I know it's hard to demo these in any consisent fashion...otherwise you could let your ears make the choice. I'd still try and buy used WP8's from a dealer, setup is critical (same for the others to)

Good luck and you have great system already!