Best Speaker For McIntosh MC225 Tube Amp

I will be using with a Quicksilver preamp. Mostly jazz and occasional light rock. Near field listening in a 12' x 20' room. Currently looking at Proac, Totem and Omega. Budget is $1500 new or used. Thanks in advance for any recommendations or observations.
huh? Go listen and don't forget to listen to Spendors and Harbeths and Totems....
Is the 225 30wpc? That's not much. You shouldn't look at anything less than 90db/1watt. Try coincident technology.

The MC225 is rated at 25 watts per channel, but probably makes about 30. Thanks.
You will need some sensitive speakers. I agree with the Coincident Tech idea. The Omegas are cool too - I had a pair for a while. Their build is excellent and their sound is good, but only with tubes. Otherwise, Living Voice apparently makes nice speakers but I haven't heard any of them. JM Labs are fairly sensitive as well with a super articulate top end that would work well with a mc225. Good luck! Arthur
you state you will be listening in the near field, try a used pair of spica TC-50's I used them with the same amp and they were wonderful especially in nearfield listening my room was smaller than yours though but not by much.