Best speaker for Manley itube Stingray?

My set up: Project debut carbon w/ Ortofon 2M red cartridge. Oppo bdp-95,
Manley itube Stingray.

I have 3 speakers in mind. Sonist Concerto 4, Sonus Faber Cremona M, Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand.

I listen to all kinds of genre. These are some of the artist: Bread, Carole King,
Sting, Men at Work, Dire Straits, Alicia Keys, Sade, Beatles, Flesh for LULU, Dishwalla, Script, Mindy Smith, Adele, Norah Jones, Kat Edmonson, Jim Brickman, Kenny G, B.B. King, Etta James, Joe Bonamassa ETC.

Please advise.
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As a Manley dealer, your Sonist C4 idea is a good one. They do match up quite well with each other.

I've also found that the Stingray works/sounds good with the Tannoy Definition line (DC8, DC8T).

I've not had the chance to hear it with the Sonus and Vienna options that you have listed. But, it's a great integrated amp...very fun to use.

***Manley, Tannoy and Sonist dealer disclaimer***
I have the Stingray. I have played it on Tekton Katz Meow, Tekton Lore, my home brewed 2 ways, and Wilson WP 8s. All but the Wilsons are pretty easy 8-ohm loads and the combos sound very good. On the Wilsons - 4 ohms and I suspect some serious impedance/phase swings - not such a good match even though they are 92 db (or close to that).
I have heard Sonist several times and always liked them. They're being an easy load I would expect them to sound great with the Stingray.
Merlin speakers are exceptional with Manley
What Muzikat said.
What's a Sonist C4? I only see a C2 and C3 on their website.
Thank you for your input Goldprinaudio and Sebrof. It's very helpful. I still have my Manley itube Stingray in the box. Shopping for speakers now.
Sonist C4 is their newest model. I guess they haven't updated Sonist website yet. or will they?
Yes, the C4 is the newest model, and what has been at the past couple of Audio shows. It is somewhat similar to the C3 in size, but has an extra bass driver.
Anyone else has experience with these speakers? What do you think about the new Zu Omen Def MK.l-B? I audition the older MK.l-A at the show in Newport CA was too bright. Maybe it's the amplifier they used?
Manley + Tannoy = music
I have the Manley Mahi mono-blocks... more or less the Stingray in two separate chassis. They have sounded great with anything I've paired them with: Merlin TSM, LSA1 Statement, Reference 3A Dulcet. Hard to make a bad choice unless it's such a power hungry speaker that the Manley runs out of juice. They're great amps and crazy good at the price. :-)
Sonist Concerto 4 or Zu Omen Def for Manley itube?
I have the Mahis with Zu....... Great combo
Do you have a link to view your set up Naggots?