Best Speaker for classical music

I'm trying to find the best speaker between $25000 and $40000 for symphonic music. I listen to other things too but that's my reference.. Interested in Wilson, B & W, Rockport, Canton
I would audition poly directional speakers such as shahinian. I think those are best for classical.
Have you considered electrostatics? Way back in the 60's Mr. Walker of Quad recommended two pairs at right angles, but for my music room, 45 degrees is best, so I have two speakers at 45 degrees on each side.
Sorry to disagree with the other posters, but the Vandy 7 are not large enough to really do justice to a big classical piece, the Vandy's are too short to project a big enough sound stage nor do they really go low enough in the bass.

The Macintosh speakers are not transparent enough, but they do move a lot of air.

The best speakers for big classical music is the Scaena line array's they are both transparent and incredibly dynamic with extremely deep bass, as the speaker is almost six feet tall the sound stage is life sized and the system uses two 18 inch bass drivers with a 700 watt amplifier and a dsp crossover/room eq box the system's low bass can be tuned to the room, they also play incredibly loud and can be driven with either tubes or solid state.

Harry Pearson who listens primarily to classical and realistic levels uses the Scaenas.