Best speaker for classical music ?

I am wondering what's the beast speaker under $2,000 for just classical music. Manepan 1.5, or Thiel 1.5 Spendor, or Totem.... I don't know. Which?
I am familiar with all those speaker that you named except the Totem. You cannot go wrong with any of them. You should look at the Proac models in this price range as well. Final decision is really up to you. The rest of your system will have a direct bearing on any recommendation. It is hard to recommend speakers without knowing anything about the rest of you system. For example the Magnepans have a totally different amplifier requirement than the Spendor. You must provide information on the rest of your system for anyone to make you an intellegent recommendation
Have Theil 1.5s and love them. As relatively small wife acceptance. Great sound witk CJ Premier 11A and Audible Illusions line stage tube amp. Was told by dealer that Theil would not be good with tube amp - but disagree. He suggestedn Dunlevy SM