Best speaker for BC2 amps.....

Anyone have any speaker suggestions for these Blue Circle amps I've just picked up for use in a 19' x 13' room..currently considering Martin Logan SL3 or CLS2z as well as Vandersteen 3 sig..thanks in advance for any input.
I absolutly must refer you to the Merlin speakers you can read about at the soundstage web site. Also read the reviews at audioreview- also just check out Blue Circle's own web site and look at the pictures area- you will see/hear about the merlins in many of the reviewer's own systems.
I would second the Merlins (VSM se or M).
Ditto for me. Have owned three different generations of the Merlin VSM (Gen 3, SE, and Millennium) and am very happy with it. I understand Bobby of Merlin used Blue Circle amps to demo his speakers in past Shows before going with Joule Electra OTLs.
Also consider Spendor and Harbeth. I use the Spendor SP 1/2 in my BC based system, and the combo is magic. As for the Martin Logans, Gilbert uses them in his reference system. In fact, I think there's a link to his system on the BC website.

I'd vote with the Spendor and Harbeth crowd. When I heard BC 2.1's with Merlins, they were very assertive. If you like that, fine. Nothing wrong with it. But if you prefer a less pushy sound, try Spendor SP 1/2's or Harbeth Compact 7's. Spendors a tad more sensuous, Harbeths have much better bass. Both among the best. Dark horse, with more personality than the BBC speakers: Reynaud Offrandes. More expensive but probably a very fine fit.